Grup 14 is formed by culés around the world that share a passion for this club. We all have different backgrounds, and each one of us plays a different role to get Grup 14 going.



The Grup 14 team agreed we would start our journey with our own resources to bring change Futbol Club Barcelona and as its stands our club is sustained by our members. We are the initial spark that will unite fans under a single flag to revolutionise the club with the collaboration of all involved.

The group expenses are numerous, we are in it for the long run and won’t stop until our objectives are achieved. With the collaboration of all Barcelona fans, Grup 14 will become entirely sustainable by itself. Barcelona members and fans have the opportunity to support us financially to ensure the ideals of culés will be pursued by the group as we start our journey to fulfil our mission.

Our operational costs start with the website (servers, protection, email, web designing); writers, columnists, translators, stalwarts of Grup 14; investment on campaigns and marketing; expand the array of languages supported; coverage of everything Futbol Club Barcelona; and much more. Our resources will be entirely dedicated to making the supporters voice heard and answered.


The content found on our website is in it’s majority produced by passionate Barcelona supporters. You can offer you help to Grup 14 with written pieces that you would like to see in our community to discover and discuss, it doesn’t have to be new or exclusive, the main priority will always be the usefulness to the group and Barcelona. As you assist Grup 14, the opportunity of becoming a full time writer or columnist exists as we are constantly looking to increase our team with good willing committed supporters that are determined to turn our objectives into reality.

Writing isn’t the only way that you can give us a hand. Check our vacant positions for more information.


Campaigns are one of the most important resources that Grup 14 and the Barcelona supporters have. We will move to make ourselves heard by the club with movement on social media and at the Camp Nou to defend the club’s interests, our players, denounce wrongdoings by the board of directors, fight against smearing efforts by media outlets and show our disapproval of decisions made by the club.

Spreading the word

One of the best ways to cooperate with Grup 14 is sharing our mission, ideals, articles and campaigns on social media, recommending your fellow culés to register at Grup 14 and supporting the group in any way you can on the internet and outside of it. Help us on increasing the quality and quantity of our content and assistance, the impact of our message and relevance to Futbol Club Barcelona itself. It includes much needed help on campaigns, tweeting hashtags and educating other fans about the reality of the club.