Why did we start Grup 14?

Historically, Barcelona has endured many institutional problems and the recent controversies that led to elections being called early won't be the last.

With roots in the perception that the Catalan and Spanish sporting press are, in many instances, partisan, we started to discuss ways that we could make a difference in a world where it often seems anything is fair in chasing clicks and selling papers.

Another perceived problem is controlled access being granted to some compliant media outlets, which limits the access the average fan has to criticism. Fortunately, the rise of social media has led to many like-minded people who are willing to connect.

The goal of Grup 14 is to create a supporting platform with honesty and integrity to report on the club; express opinions; get behind the scenes; honor Barcelona’s history; develop innovative ways to communicate with the club; help to spread accurate information about controversies; and make a difference for all supporters, whether socio, penyista or just a passionate fan, no matter if they are live or not in Barcelona.


Unity is an important part of the team hymn. Due to many conflicts between factions, Barça often seems the antithesis of harmony as supporters fight among themselves to defend their side, instead of the club. These conflicts, driven by a misguided resulted in situations where players and managers are put down before they even had a chance to begin. We will work to change this situation. Barça should never suffer from the agendas of a particular group, no matter who and how powerful it is. The club and its supporters need to stand above all of it.

We want to bring fans together, and confront those that only want to be part of Futbol Club Barcelona for their own personal benefit, with no regard for the well-being of the institution. Headlines should not be used to manipulate club members and culés. Grup 14 will try to bring clarity, different opinions and deeper information on club-related matters in the hope of diminishing misconceptions and needless arguments.

Our long-term plan is to create an open dialogue channel with the club, enabling socios and supporters to debate decisions and help build lines of communication with the club President and board members. Ideally, this will lead to an honest, respectful coexistence and a meaningful way to reach those who care about Barcelona all over the world by giving them a voice, and the recognition they deserves.

The main platform is the Grup 14 website, where supporters of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds can participate. You can access the website anywhere in the world in English and Spanish.

You can read on our website daily articles written by supporters who share your passion for Barcelona, along with opinion from newsmakers. Also on offer will be columnists who previously lacked a platform to publish their views in languages other than Spanish and Catalan, along with special articles and interviews with club officials, presidential candidates, retired players and others.

Original photo from Alex Gallardo.


The financial independence of Grup 14 is paramount to achieve our objectives without intrusion from third parties. We can be honest and unbiased when performing our duties, and living up to the expectations of those who support Futbol Club Barcelona.

We offer a solid platform across multiple languages, and the existence of key personnel such as board members, writers, designers and columnists cannot be maintained without support. Grup 14 allows those who sympathize with our mission to support us financially. You can help by recommending the group on social media, creating content as a collaborator or by translating content to your native language to help other fans understand.


It's time for us supporters to unite under a single flag. Grup 14 is the dream of those who are tired of seeing their club suffer for petty reasons, a group that decided to make a difference by trying to give back as a way of showing gratitude for the happiness experienced because of the club. It’s a group we can all be part of.

Greatness starts from small things,

Grup 14 Founders