In May 2008, Oriol Giralt initiated the procedure for a motion of censure against the president at the time, Joan Laporta. He gathered the necessary signatures and there was a vote of no-confidence that the Laporta presidency went through but continued in charge.

Last Tuesday, March 25, FC Barcelona's ex-handball player and former sporting director of the handball section of the club, Enric Masip, revealed on Twitter that his current girlfriend worked for Giralt during the period in which he was collecting signatures and that she had been hired by Anna Freixa, sister of current board member Toni Freixa.

"Who was behind Giralt?" Masip said. "Coincidence or not, but these are clues that there was someone from his board trying to damage the club seem pretty clear."

The next day, during an interview with the radio station RAC1, Toni Freixa denied the allegations that he was behind Giralt.

"I had nothing to do with that, I did not finance the action, I did not take part in it... I did not have another to do with the vote of no confidence," Freixa said. "The one that makes such a statement should bring documents and prove it. Saying things without proving them means they want to do harm. Mr. Masip, who I admire as a sportsman, has not behaved as exemplary as he should since he stopped working for the club."

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Source: This piece was written by Grup 14 News Editor Diana Uzum. Follow her @DianaKristinne.