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Post-Match Comments: FC Barcelona vs Sevilla

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Post-Match Comments: FC Barcelona vs Sevilla

Andrés Iniesta: "We have a squad that can keep winning and we can be optimistic for the future."

Luis Enrique: "It was a spectacular end to the season. Not only for the last few must-win league games but because of how the Cup final unfolded. Very difficult, down a man. We played perfectly, much improved on the defensive end."

"Sevilla created a lot of pressure. We defended very well and the team knew how to compete despite the difficulties. I congratulate them, I congratulate all Barça fans and those who came despite the late kick-off."

"Our season can only be considered positive, we have won four of six titles."

"The best part of the season is winning titles. The worst is the injuries to players. They are always difficult moments for the team."

"This year was easier than my first. The first was special and people have to get used to you. This second year the dynamic was more favourable, more positive, and more relaxed. We had the challenge to win everything again but, unfortunately, it wasn’t possible Your opponents have a say as well.”

"It's hard to win once. Two in a row is great, and if all goes well, we'll go for a third."

"This team cannot possibly show any more character and personality than they already have. When we went down to 10 men it was a completely different game. They played great and in the end, we deserved it."

"The team did not have to prove anything. They keep winning with different coaches. They have fun doing what they do. They know how to overcome adversity.”

"Before games one might consider the possibility of going down a man, but we hadn’t really considered it prior to this one. There was little time before half-time and we moved Busquets back with two midfielders and two forwards.”

"At half-time we had to decide and, depending on the score, take some risks. Our decisions paid off. The changes gave the team some energy. The contributions of Jérémy and Rafa were key."

"On the Mascherano play, I see contact between the two players. The referee has to decide in a split second and it’s difficult. He was the last man, but he had to make a decision. On the play with Banega, it was the same. Football is a game of mistakes and there are plays that are difficult to judge."

"When we signed Jérémy we knew what we were getting. He began as a full-back but can be a great central defender. He came out at a tough moment and was key to controlling the aerial game and stopping Sevilla’s attack.”

Andrés Iniesta: "It is a magnificent season because it is very difficult to win titles."

"It was very nice: it was very difficult and the team played a great game."

"We had some setbacks and it forced us to find it within ourselves."

"We have a squad that can keep winning and we can be optimistic for the future."

"I am grateful to those who gave me the best player award, but that's just a side note when you win a title."

Jordi Alba: "I was lucky to score since Leo, as always, picked me out to perfection."

"Winning was very hard because we played down a man a long time, and against a team like Sevilla, which prepares well for matches against Barça."

"The team played a very solid game, especially at the defensive end."

"It was a very good season, you cannot always win the treble, but the double is a great season."

"But we and the fans have to appreciate the titles we are winning and with our level of play."

Gerard Piqué: "The team's trajectory in recent years is magnificent."

"We had to play back for a lot of minutes and try to find some counterattacks."

"The game was got really tough around the half hour, but we fought, we won and I think we deserved it."

"We want to keep winning titles and adding to our honours."

"It's a pleasure to have our fans with us, especially when a game like this goes into extra time."

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