Javier Mascherano has made a public call for Xavi Hernández and Dani Alves “to stay in the team.” He said that he understands that the two are very important to the club.

“I haven't talked to them lately, but their future is still unclear, no matter what the rumors say,” Mascherano said.

Asked for his reaction on the Camp Nou chanting Xavi’s name in the match against Almería, Mascherano said, “I wasn’t surprised by the fans’ reaction.”

He added: “[Xavi] is the player with the most titles [in FC Barcelona's history] and he’s an unquestionable idol. It’s normal for people to ask him to stay. I do it, too. He’s a fantastic player and he brings so much to the team.”

Barça’s No. 14 also has nice things to say about Dani Alves. “He’s one of the best in the club’s history. He performs at a very high level, and I’d like him to continue. He’s a fun guy, but also very professional,".

Regarding the team’s playing style, the Jefecito acknowledged that the team has its fair share of ups and downs. “We may not shine in some matches, you cannot do it all the time, but we are a competitive team. For now, it all depends on us,”

Mascherano also mentioned that he believes La Liga will be a race until the last matchday, because “Real Madrid will compete until the end.”

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