Achieving 17 clean sheets in 30 league matches is a nice record for any goalie, and this is exactly what Claudio Bravo has accomplished for Barcelona. In five seasons with Real Sociedad, his previous record was 12 matches without conceding a goal. Last night at Camp Nou, he extended this feat with eight La Liga matches yet to be played.

He will not, however, catch up with La Liga's absolute record belonging to Deportivo's goalkeeper Paco Liaño who, in the 93-94 league, ended up with 26 clean sheets in 38 games with just 18 goals allowed. If Bravo were to concede no goals for the rest of the match-days, he would finish with 25. Nevertheless, with just three more clean sheets, he will equalize Thibaut Courtois' last two league records of not conceding in 20 league matches in each of those seasons.

Bravo's exploits began with an impressive streak of 754 minutes without allowing a goal until Cristiano Ronaldo scored in the first round's Clásico on October 25th. In fact, the Portuguese is the only one who has scored against Bravo in both rounds this season thus far.

With the Zamora trophy at his grasp, the Chilean stated: "The Zamora would be special, but I don't lose sleep over it." With or without worries, he is closing in on the Belgian goalkeeper's record.

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