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Barcelona increasingly worried over Piqué's off pitch trouble

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Barcelona increasingly worried over Piqué's off pitch trouble

The player has more responsibilities as 4th captain and his recent issues have put the club on alert

Catalan Newspaper Outlet Diario Sport reports Barcelona are starting to worry over Gerard Piqué, the player was recently caught driving with his permit being suspended, and combined with the Griezmann documentary stunt, in which he owned the studio that produced it.

The club are worried these issues might start to reflect badly on Barcelona's own image, especially after the player renewed his contract last January until 2022. The club's spokesman Josep Vives has confirmed they're not thinking of fining the player, and that he has to solve these problems himself, which are part of his personal life.

Valverde recently confirmed in a press conference that he talked with Piqué and that the player assured it won't affect his performances on pitch, but a slow start to the season have left many fans scratching their heads and even worried.

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