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Barcelona and Girona agree to play in the La Liga United States match

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Barcelona and Girona agree to play in the La Liga United States match

The clubs have expressly agreed to play abroad

Barcelona, Girona and La Liga have requested permission from the Spanish FA to stage the fixture between two sides on January 26 at Miami's Hard Rock Stadium in the United States. The clubs and the league have signed a joint letter that's set to lead to even more controversy in the upcoming months.

The players association in Spain have threatened to strike and put a stop to football in the country in what has quickly become one of the main reasons the footballers are unhappy with their treament by the suits in the football associations.

Local supporters think it might lead to a situation where part of top level football in Spain is sold to the highest bidder rather than what's really best for the fans and players alike. Concerns are legitimate and there's a certain pessimism this cannot be stopped once it begins.

But there could be also positives, after all bringing a few La Liga matches to a country like the United States, where football is growing slowly but steadily, could make it more popular. A world where the most sports driven country invests more in football is one every fan wants to live in.

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