Marc-Andre ter Stegen (8): For the most part had next to nothing to do, Valladolid didn’t get many chances but he did make some top saves when needed to. Piqué had 1/2 lapses because of the pitch and he sweeped up well. Another cleansheet in the bag.

Sergi Roberto (6.5): Made some mistakes on the ball due to the poor pitch but thankfully, it didn’t cost us. Done well defensively for the most part. Had a great run off the ball and a crucial assist for Barça’s winning goal.

Gerard Piqué (6): Had a mixed performance. Looked good and comfortable on the bad pitch at times, but also made some mistakes that could’ve been punished. Passing was surprisingly good given the state of the pitch and he won most of his duels.

Samuel Umtiti (6.5): Had a decent game, it wasn’t anything to special but he did his job well. Covered for Piqué when he needed to, passed well though there was trouble with the bad pitch making everyone’s passes bobble.

Jordi Alba (7): One of our better players in a game where not many players stood out. His passing was decent as we expect, he played quite high up the pitch and unlike against Alaves he was able to recover and not get caught out defensively. Valladolid had more joy down Sergi’s flank than his.

Sergio Busquets (6.5): Not as good on the ball and involved in the build-up as usual because of the poor state of the pitch. Completed less than 80% of the passes he attempted, which is rare to see. Did well defensively and won 9 out of 12 duels. The pitch made it impossible for him to be at his best, as the most simple passes seemed difficult to pull off.

Ivan Rakitić (6.5): Started well and managed to pass the ball with ease even with the poor state of the pitch but as the game went on, his influence started dropping. In the 2nd half, he didn’t manage to do anything and you almost couldn’t even tell if he was on the pitch or not. Did well defensively at times as Valladolid started applying pressure late on.

Coutinho (5.5): Didn’t have the best of games. In the first half, he was able to create a chance that we didn’t score from. He started the game off quite well but into the second half, he became quite non-existent and didn’t influence the game in any way. He was losing the ball quite easily in the 2nd half and was later subbed off for Malcom.

Lionel Messi (6.5): Not a great performance, probably one of the worst you’ll ever see from him in La Liga. His passing wasn’t as good as usual, even though he still managed to create a chance or two. He was getting dispossessed more than usual and couldn’t be at his best due to the poor state of the pitch. Didn’t find himself in any chances to score, only had 1 shot on goal from a FK. A game to forget and one that certainly won’t be repeated.

Luis Suárez (6): Another game to forget. Couldn’t do much on the ball and looked isolated up front for the most part. Only had 1 great chance all game and he didn’t make it count. Had a great pass to Sergi leading up to Barça’s winner, which was the highlight of his performance. Managed to score in the 2nd half but his goal was ruled out as he was offside.

Ousmane Dembélé (8): Our best player without any doubt. He was the only player who was able to cause a lot of trouble for the Valladolid backline. His explosiveness and fake shots caused their defenders a lot of issues and it allowed us to create many opportunities to score. At times in the second half, he did not do the simple things right but managed to make up for it with the only goal of the game. After he was subbed off, we struggled with an outlet when we tried counter attacking and we couldn’t break out of the late Valladolid pressure.

Arturo Vidal: Replaced Dembélé with around 15 minutes left, he didn't really add much to the team when coming on. We seemed to struggle to hold on to the ball for any period of time, this wasn’t solely down to him but he just hoofted the ball away. He played Malcom through with a nice header but the shot was saved. Not much else to say, the pitch didn’t help anyone’s performance.

Malcom: Replaced Coutinho late on, he didn’t have much time to influence the game but on one occasion he was played through by Vidal, his shot was saved by Masip. Not much else to note on his debut.

Munir: Subbed on in the last minute of the game and didn’t do much. Only received the ball once and had 1 pass.

Jose Zorrilla pitch (0): There are no words to describe how bad the pitch was.

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