Carles Vilarrubí gave an interview during the show "Primer Toc" on Rac1 radio station in which he assessed the management of the curent board: "We have had an eventful mandate, it has not been peaceful. We have experienced great sporting moments and very sad moments. From a social point of view we had the president who was elected with the biggest number of votes and who left in an undeserving manner. Bartomeu is now experiencing a complicated situation."

Asked about the date of the upcoming elections, Vilarrubí said that "Only the president who called [for the elections] knows that. It is being demonstrated that it was a good decision to call for elections one year early because the tension has worn off and the team is in an extraordinary situation now. The date will be set after the team is done fighting for titles." He added: "When Rosell resigned, I recommended to Bartomeu to call for elections. But regardless of that, Bartomeu was the most qualified to lead Barça at the time and that was why I stayed and I am at the president's disposal if he considers that my help is needed during his campaign. I will be there for whatever he needs. It is legitimate for him to be a candidate even if he is involved in a legal case."

He was also asked about the Neymar case: "I do not believe in conspiracies. But it is open hunting season for Barça. It is beneficial for some institutions and people to attack Barça, even more so now with Catalunya's independence process. Our rivals are not outside; they are in our house and they do not need to get together and conspire against us, everything that is happening now is good for them."

He added: "That Barça has problems is a good thing for Barça's and Catalunya's opponents and they take advantage of this and magnify it." He also said: "The operation for Neymar's transfer could have been done in a different manner, but the club did not have any intention to defraud the state."

Vilarrubí thinks that the best thing that they have done is to maintain the sporting project: "We have known how to give continuity to a very good sporting project regardless of the many obstacles we encountered and we have set it up for the future." The worst thing was the club's communication: "We did not know how to apply an adequate communication policy about what we have done. We did not have the capacity to interact with the media. We have not communicated well," said the vice-president.

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Source: Rac1