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Víctor Font won't run for Barcelona's presidency this summer

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Víctor Font won't run for Barcelona's presidency this summer

He explained he needs more time to develop his project.

Víctor Font presented his project “Sí al futur” with the idea of implementing it if, in a short or medium term, he achieves the FC Barcelona presidency.

In an event that took place in Granollers where the Catalan businessman explained he wants to distinguish his project beyond a mere electoral program. The project's motto is “Sí al futur (Yes to the future).”

“It’s not the same, a project followed by a candidacy. We have a project and some ideas but we can’t promise we could accomplish them this summer,” Font said regarding the upcoming presidential elections called by Josep Maria Bartomeu earlier this year, which exact dates must be established in the following weeks.

Font made it clear that “If the presidential elections are in July, we will not stand for them.” Font was part of the candidacy team led by Marc Ingla in the 2010 elections. Ingla’s candidature was also endorsed by Ferran Soriano, the top executive leader in Manchester City.

Font thinks FC Barcelona needs “a reformulation” in all aspects, including the sporting, institutional and economic ones, hence his plans for the future need more time to be proposed to the ‘socis’, in order for them to fully understand the new club model he and his team want to carry out.

“We want the ‘socis’ to keep owning the club, but a change is mandatory because there is a real risk Barça will not be competing at a world-class level in the next 10 years,” he concluded.


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Source: Diari Ara