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Toni Freixa announces his candidacy for FC Barcelona elections

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Toni Freixa announces his candidacy for FC Barcelona elections

Toni Freixa presented officially his candidacy for the upcoming FC Barcelona elections. Freixa admitted that “the board has not reached the level of excellency we were demanded to” and that’s why he’s presenting “the management proposal the Club needs to face with soundness the challenges of the next six years”.

These are the 11 principles of his proposal named “We know what we play”:

We play to shield La Masia’s excellency. The club’s sporting future goes through making La Masia the cornerstone of our management.

We play to manage with sensitivity and responsibility. The board must be involved in the management of the club.

We play to elevate the “socis” (members) brand. They are the main asset and we want to improve the benefits and attentions they currently receive.

We play to defend with firmness the club. We have to endow the management with mechanisms of institutional leadership.

We play to end with the prosecutions against the club.

We play to turn the Barça brand in the worldwide leader.

We play to create the best matches animation. The players deserve that the club makes its best efforts so the supporters’ cheers can be heard.

We play to maximize the sporting divisions and to fill the Palau Blaugrana. Our divisions are the emblems that makes us unique in the world.

We play to guarantee an affordable Espai Barça. The stadium, the Palau and their surroundings need a profound renewal and improvement processes.

We play to open the Foundation to the “socis”. We will boost care programs for the “socis” without neglecting other actions that makes the Foundation universal.

We play to regenerate the club from within. Our experience and knowledge allow us to keep making Barça the best club in the world.


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