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The Treble is here! Luis Enrique and the players comment on the historical achievement

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The Treble is here! Luis Enrique and the players comment on the historical achievement

It was one historical night, one historical moment in the history of FC Barcelona and football itself. A second treble in six years after a difficult contest vs Juventus, the players and manager have a lot to celebrate and we fans to be proud of, you can read below the post match reactions.

Luis Enrique

“I believe we have done a spectacular final against a top opponent like Juventus. We have created more scoring chances than them and I think we have been better. We have deserved to win this match”.

“We have witnessed a beautiful final. With Juventus forced to look for the win from the very first minutes. And it has helped us to score so early in the game”.

“We have played 60 matches this season with 50 wins, four draws and six losses”.

“I congratulate the players. Their quality and unity is undisputable”.

“FC Barcelona is the best European club in the last 10 years, for the way it has achieved its titles as well”.

“We will not win every match easily. We have had to suffer against a very good Juventus”.

“Buffon has been at his expected level, which is outstanding”.

“At the beginning of the second half Juventus has pressured us and managed to tie the score. Those were our most difficult times. The first half has been ours”.

“I can only assure you about tonight’s party and tomorrow’s parade”.

“If there’s something this club has, it’s that it needs to win trophies all the time. That’s the purpose we have: to keep going on that line”.

“It’s time to celebrate this and to remember the ones who bet for me to manage Barça. In a club such as this to be trophyless last season, with the injuries of important players, it’s tough. But we knew how to come together when things didn’t go our way”.

Andrés Iniesta

“Today was Xavi’s day and he should be the one who lift this Champions League trophy. It has been the perfect ending of a season, something every player wish to enjoy. He’s one of a kind player and I wish him the best”.

“It’s a final and you always battle against a superb team like Juventus and that means a great challenge. We have suffered when we had to and we have scored when we were able to”.

“Right now, we don’t realize and assess what we have accomplished, but in due time I’m sure it’s going to be appreciate it even more. However, the most important thing is to enjoy this moment because it’s very hard to achieve the treble”.

“I’m all pride and happiness. There are no words to describe what we have done again this season. Today, once more, it’s a day to be proud of being part of this club. It has been an outstanding day”.

Luis Suárez

“When you come to a club such as Barça you want to win titles like the Champions League, and when you manage to do that in the club of your dreams, it’s even more rewarding. I have dreamed about this since I was a child and I will never forget it”.

“I always try to do the best I can to help the team. I was lucky enough to score an unopposed goal from a rejection and help the team to calm down, in order that Neymar finish it up, in the end”.

Ivan Rakitić

“It has been an amazing match and we deserved this for all the hard work all season long. I want to congratulate Juventus because they have played a great match”.

“Today’s goal, without question, is the single most important in my career. I’m glad I was able to help the team because it’s difficult to make the starting lineup and earn your spot in Barça”.

Xavi Hernández

“I still can’t believe the season ending I’m living. It’s fantastic. The team deserves this, the supporters that have come here to Berlin, who have been spectacular and all the fans that always support us at the stadium”.

“This generation is making history. You don’t achieve the treble that easily and everybody, both players and fans, we have to enjoy it. I’m leaving but I’m sure they will continue winning”.

“After lifting the trophy nostalgia is hitting me because I know I will never wear this jersey again. I have been happy, I have given my all and I can’t ask for more. It has been unsurpassable. I’m very happy and proud”.

“Luis Enrique deserves all this, he has endured so much criticism. To the squad, he’s the best option for next the season”.

Sergio Busquets

“It’s an amazing feeling because I know it’s very hard to reach a final and to win it, it’s even harder. I have been lucky enough to be part of this team and, together, to have won three Champions League”.

“It’s an incredible moment. Back in 2009, when we achieved this, it seemed something it would never happen again and six years later, here we are once more. The team and the club has made history and that’s the most important thing”.

Gerard Piqué

“This is the title I have enjoyed the most. Perhaps because it took us so much time to win it, we had four years without winning the Champions League”.

“When you’re a kid you dream about so much things: playing in the first team, trying to win a title but you don’t dream about this. We have made history, we are the first club to achieve two trebles and I believe this is a completely unique generation. Now we have to enjoy this and try to win the most titles we can, because we still have good years ahead of us in order to achieve more”.


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