Behind every goal, every win and every title, there are the star footballers. But behind every star player, there is excellent preparation and attention.

There is another team who also wins. Coaches, physical trainers, doctors, ‘physios', equipment managers… They all contribute, but in the shadows, without making noise, without being applauded, each celebrating every goal with passion. These are the 29 people that also help make Barça great.

In charge of everyone, there’s Luis Enrique. Simply ‘Luis’ or ‘mister’ for them. He is the leader of a perfectly organized structure. A coach that leaves nothing to chance, that sets the pace and manages the execution.

From left to right, starting with the top row, Mundo Deportivo's Oriol Domenechm introduces Barça’s technical staff:

Josep Miquel Terès

Came to the club in 1996 as press officer with Bobby Robson and almost 2 decades later, he is the man responsible for the interaction with the international press.

José Ramón de la Fuente

Former goalkeeper; key in the great year that Ter Stegen, Bravo and Masip are having. Highly valued for his advice.

Roger Gironès

‘Physio’, promoted from the B team in 2010.

Juanjo Brau

Chief of the physiotherapists. Highly regarded professional and a person that a lot of the players trust.

Edu Pons

Physical trainer. Formerly at Lleida, Nàstic and Almería. Came to the club in 2011, recommended by Òscar Garcia and in 2012 he replaced Lorenzo Buenaventura who left with Guardiola.

Jordi Mesalles

New ‘physio’. A friend of Iniesta’s since they were in the academy, he came in as a replacement and has earned a renewal.

Carlos Martínez

Debutant in the scouting area after being a coach for Demm and Cornellà’s Juvenil A teams.

Jordi Duran

Another new face: he replaced Txema Corbella as kit manager last summer.

José Manuel Lázaro

Been at the club since 2005, after being chief of the sporting section of Cadena Ser’s Barcelona office. He was Terés’s assistant, then he worked in other areas of the club and now he’s back with the team as press officer.

Joan Barbarà

Very talented ex-footballer. He was Luis Enrique’s assistant during his time at Barça B. One of the first people that the Asturian asked for when he took over the first team.

Luis Enrique Martínez

The coach. The leader. The architect of an historic season.

Carles Naval

Much more than a team delegate, he is essential for the coaches. He started off working at La Masia in 1972 and has been with the first team since 1987.

Juan Carlos Unzué

Former goalkeeper, assistant to Rijkaard, Pep and now to Luis Enrique. A coach in his own right, working as an assistant. Decisive in his work on set pieces.

Jordi Melero

Came to the club in 2010 with Narcis Julià (one of Zubizaretta’s assistants) after being his assistant at Girona. After working as a scout for 2 years, in 2013 he replaced Torrent and Planchart, who left with Pep, as video analyst.

Gabriel Galán

Equipment manager. His story is a curious one: he offered himself for the job after being a ball boy in La Masia.

Jaume Munill

‘Physio’ who came from Espanyol in 2009, highly regarded, worked with every coach since then: Pep, Tito, Tata and now Lucho.

Daniel Medina

The squad’s second doctor. He has the full confidence of the players. He and Pruna take turns making the trips for away games.

Pepe Costa

Players’ assistant since Guardiola decided to establish this position in 2009. He was an imposing center back playing for Murcia and Sabadell and then he worked for Nike and with Txiki in the technical secretary area before earning the trust of the dressing room with his great spirit.

Xavi López

‘Physio’ who knows the club very well. He’s worked with the other professional teams in the club and last season, he was with Barça B.

Isidre Ramon

Analyst. He worked with Luis Enrique at the B team and he continued with Eusebio until last summer. Before that, he worked at Terrassa, Badalona and with the Catalan national team.

Xavi Linde

‘Physio’ and recovery specialist. He’s worked for Espanyol and at the High Performance Centre (HPC) (in Catalonian, Centre d'alt Rendiment, CAR) in Sant Cugat. It’s his first season at Barça.

Jesús Casas

After playing in Cadíz’s academy, he coached various teams from the same region. He convinced Lucho during his stay at Barça B with his analysis of opponents from Andalusia.

Xavi Guarte

Lázaro’s assistant. Working at the club since 2006, started in the Penyas section, he was promoted from Barça B last year.

Francesc Cos

Physical trainer for strength exercises. He’s been at the club for more than 10 years. He is in charge of the gym workouts. Key to preventing injuries.

Robert Moreno

Chief of the scouting area. He has Luis Enrique’s absolute trust. He’s been with him since his time at Barça B, working together at Roma and Celta Vigo.

Joaquín Valdés

The psychologist. He is always by Lucho’s side. He helps manage the group and maximize the player’s ability.

Josep Antoni Ibarz

Equipment manager since 1983, he is very loved by Luis Enrique and Xavi. He is known as ‘Taha’ in the dressing room for his resemblance to Tahamata, a player who shined at Ajax and Standard Liège.

Ricard Pruna

Club doctor since 1995. He also worked with the basketball team and at Barça B. He is appreciated for his accurate diagnoses.

Rafel Pol

Physical trainer, key in the team’s successful season. A former university teacher, he has taught a lesson in reaching the end of the season in top shape.

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Source: Mundo Deportivo