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Ter Stegen: ‘It's be very special to return to Borussia’s stadium’

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Ter Stegen: ‘It's be very special to return to Borussia’s stadium’

The German goalkeeper will face his hometown club for the first time in his career

Marc-André ter Stegen (Möchengladach, 1992) is the man of the hour in this Champions League matchday, since he will be facing his boyhood club for the very first time since leaving them two years ago.

Returning home will surely bring mixed feelings between his memories with the club of his life and his ever-present competitiveness: "It's very special to return to Borussia's stadium. The people will be happy for my return and so will I. It was a pleasure to spend 18 years at this club”, said the goalie.

“I’m here to give the best of myself and to achieve three points. I want to win, and that is why I’m at Barça and I’m not thinking about other clubs. I have been living a great experience for two years now and I want to make the most of what the club is giving me. When you leave your lifetime club it is to go to somewhere you can win titles and, with Barça, that is what I have done”, ter Stegen added.

“It’s a very important match for me but also for the team. It will be a special match but once on the pitch you forget all about that. I want to win a 100%. I’m not here to catch up with my friends; I can do that in another time. I’m here to play and win”, he emphasized.

Ter Stegen assessed ‘Gladbach game plan and the difficulty of the clash: “It is a team that can adapt well to different circumstances and systems. It will be a tough game and we will have to be at 100 per cent to beat them. We will have to pass the ball around well to escape from their high pressing and we will try to score soon in the game.”

The German keeper also commented about his sometimes-risky game style: “I’m sorry for you but that’s just my way of playing. I try to not risk that much but at the end of the day I’m a goalkeeper who likes to play like that. This is also important for our game style, to ease the build-up plays and the possession. That’s how I see football”.

The 24-year-old was questioned about the tense competition with Claudio Bravo for the starting spot at Barcelona’s goal: “I always give my best in trainings to give the coach some food for thought. I always had a good relationship with Bravo but with a tough competition which benefited both of us. It was a difficult situation to maintain because we both wanted to play. Now, there’s another keeper who also wants to play and have chances [Cillessen]. I want to keep working in the same way.”

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