Marc-André ter Stegen is ready for the Champions League semifinals against Bayern Munich. He spoke to UEFA's official site saying that playing in this competition is very special: "It's a great feeling. You always associate something with the Champions League anthem. For us players, it's something special. When the anthem plays I know it's time for the Champions League and I get goosebumps."

"The Champions League is always special. I believe every player, every fan, every coach wants this trophy. It is unbelievable, and it is one of the greatest achievements you can have in football. And that is what we fight for every day," he added.

The German goalkeeper said he has changed his game a lot since moving to Barça last summer: "It's a big change to begin with, the team had to gel and the new arrivals had to blend in. To me, it's a different style of play, so I had to change my game a little bit. I'm glad though that we played a similar style at Gladbach."

Ter Stegen said he would like to have more minutes than he is having right now: "It's difficult for me, being in and out of the team and not playing all the games, but that's part of the development of a player and I'm glad I can play in the Champions League and that we're in the Copa del Rey final. That's reward for my work."

He then spoke about living in the Catalan capital: "That was a big change too, coming from Mönchengladbach to a big city. It's my first time away from home, and yes, it's been a big change with a different culture. It's something completely new that I was looking forward to, and with good reason. It's not only the football that is fantastic but also the surroundings."

Asked about how the team is playing, Ter Stegen said he was happy with how the team has improved: "We've made progress since the beginning of the season. We had a difficult start, then found some sort of consistency, and I think we have gradually improved, also by performing in the Champions League. Now we find ourselves in a good position. We're in a good position in the league, we're in the final of the cup, and it couldn't get much better than this. It would be nice to keep that going until the end of the season."

However, Marc says that he's not yet thinking of the Champions League final: "Coaches and players alike – myself included – don't like to talk too far ahead, it's far too early for that. But if we take it step by step and stay focused, also in the league, then we have a good chance. That's our aim, and we hope to reach and build on it."

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Source: UEFA