Takefusa Kubo is one of the children affected by the FIFA sanction. Due to irregularities in his signing, he has been banned from playing in official games for FC Barcelona for almost 2 years. His family began thinking about leaving after the CAS reinforced the FIFA ban, therefore realizing that he would be unable to play in official games for Barça for years to come.

It was a hard decision for Take and his mother, Tamiko, who had tried everything she could do for the child to be allowed to play. Last Friday, Take told his teammates from Infantil A that he was going back to Japan and that he would not return. He then watched them on Satuday, as they won their game against Espanyol in Sant Adrià (with a goal from Ansumane Fati). At the end of the game, the parents of his teammates also said an emotional goodbye to Take.

Born on June 4th, 2001, Take started attending the FC Barcelona school in Fukuoka and his talent convinced the directors of this campus to recommend his signing to Guillermo Amor. Take was signed by Barça after he was chosen MVP of a tournament played in Belgium.

His first team at FC Barcelona was Álex Gómez' Alevín C in 2011/2012. He was the team's top scorer as they won their respective league. One year later Take's goals helped Marc Serra's Alevín A win every competition they participated in: The League, The Catalan Championship and the most important friendly competitions they played in.

In the last 2 years, he has barely played for Marcel Sans' Infantil B and for Denis Silva's Infantil A, but his teammates and coaches say that he has progressed and continues to be a bright talent for the future.

Take is the second player to leave FC Barcelona due to the FIFA ban. The first was French player Kais Ruiz (12), who will sign for PSG. Additionally, Colombian Giancarlo Poveda (15), who also has British nationality, is on loan to Brentford and Dutchman Bobby Adekanye (16) is on loan at PSV Eindhoven. The South Koreans Paik, Lee and Jang, Cameroonian Patrice and American Ben Lederman are still at Barcelona even though they are banned from playing official games.

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