Luis Enrique: 'The first season was amazing, the second had drama and the third one has to be the consolidation'

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Luis Enrique: 'The first season was amazing, the second had drama and the third one has to be the consolidation'

The Asturian manager envisioned with optimism the team chances for the upcoming campaign

FC Barcelona coach, Luis Enrique Martínez García, held the first press conference of the upcoming 2016/17 season and here's a recap of what the Barça boss shared today:

Working for the present and dreaming for the future

"We have renewed our dreams. We're once again excited to start working and try to win everything."

"My future? I live in the present. I'll leave Barça when they fire me or I need to rest. I'll evaluate that when the season ends."

"From the first year to the second we changed things, improved in aspects that hurt us. We continue that now. We will try to evolve to avoid being predictable."

"We'll work in all aspects of attack, but that will also depend on the challenges our opponents present."

"The first season was amazing, the second had a few moments of movie drama and a happy ending."

"The third has to be the consolidation of an unique group and a special club."

"We will try to recover all the trophies while entertaining our fans around the world."

The three ambitious goalkeepers

"All three GK's are under contract and we want them to stay. But they all have release clauses and can leave if it's paid."

"I understand that the GK's want to play more, but every player does. I'll manage it as usual: doing what's best for the team."

The much-needed backup forward

"It's true that we're looking for a forward. There are players who think that they'll have few minutes if they come."

"What we want from the forward is for him to have faith, to want to come and think that he'll help. And there are lots of those."

"We're looking for a forward, but we could sign another player too if a good opportunity arises."

"The forward we're looking for is a pure striker. For the wings, we have Denis, Arda, Andres. A real striker that can score."

The Montoya and Tello issue

"Montoya and Tello are players I don't count on and I've told them that.They wanted to train with us and the club allowed them."

Lionel Messi's polemics and performances

"There is always some legal polemic surrounding the president, players... I don't think this will affect Leo."

"Time will tell if Leo will play with Argentina or not. As Barça's coach, I wouldn't mind that, as a fan, I'd like him to play."

"Leo had an extended vacation and I'm sure that he'll return as excited to play football and as willing to work as usual."

"Leo's natural habitat is the pitch and I don't have any doubts that he'll return perfectly fine."

"It's true he [Messi] didn't win the Copa América, but football teaches you that you can do everything perfectly and the others can win."

Dani Alves departure

"I was surprised that Alves left. He's a special player, positive, loving, happy, too happy at times. We'll miss him."

"Alves is an exemplary football player and a professional like few others. Juve has made a great signing."

"Last year when we thought Dani might leave we decided to sign Aleix and play Sergi there. So now we're covered."

Arda Turan's adaptation to Barcelona's game style

"Arda? I remember Laudrup's first year, Suárez's first months... The first year is difficult here."

"I have full confidence in Arda, last year he gave us a lot and this year he will do more, a lot more. I'm sure."

Other topics

"Samper is a pure pivot, 100% Barça, can be a sub for a certain starter. We'll see if he stays or goes on loan to play more."

"I got bored watching some Euro games, it wasn't a good tournament. But I put myself in the shoes of the NT coaches and I understand how difficult it is to build good teams in a short time."

"I hope that the club and Mascherano finalize his renewal. I know they will. He's a vital player, on and off the pitch."

"Ney and Rafinha had their vacation already, they will have a minimum of days off if they win, then they come back."

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