Santos have filed a claim with FIFA against FC Barcelona, Neymar Sr., Neymar Jr. and the firm Neymar Sport y Marketing S/S Limitada, according to a statement from the Brazilian club.

The statement says: “On 31 May 2013, Santos and the accused executed an operation through which Santos transferred the federative rights of the player to Barça, in exchange for €17.1 million, plus an additional €2 million in case the player is a Ballon d'Or finalist. But, according to the evidence shown in the Neymar Case [...] Santos have learned that the amount spent on the signing of the player reached the figure of €83.371 million, based on proved facts.

“The transfer established that any eventual litigation, controversy or litigation about the contract have to be solved by FIFA's Dispute Resolution Chamber (RDC), which indicates that the parties also have the right to appeal the decision to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). Faced which this situation, Santos consider that the accused have breached the terms of the contract of transfer, for which it is seeking damages and compensation for the losses, plus interest and spending.”

In the same official statement, Santos consider that “the accused and Barça's board members responsible for Neymar's signing could have violated FIFA's Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players, which could lead to disciplinary sanctions.”

In this sense, Santos' president, Modesto Roma Júnior, has assured that the club “has the intention to obtain the owed compensation for the damages caused by the accused.”

“Unlike on other occasions, this time we are doing it formally because of the seriousness of the matter. Santos respect and worship all of its idols, but now is not the time to talk of Neymar as an idol, but of a deal between clubs. Yesterday, Santos filed a claim before FIFA and against Barcelona, Neymar da Silva Santos, his son and the company Neymar Sport y Marketing,” Modesto added.

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Source: Sport, AS