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Press Conference- Gerard Piqué and Luis Enrique.

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Press Conference- Gerard Piqué and Luis Enrique.

Piqué: "We have a brutal challenge in front of us, we're trying to win the treble again. We're going for that. It's a great challenge."

Gerard Piqué: "The game tomorrow is very important. After Saturday I think it's even more important to play a great game. Tomorrow we'll see a great Barça, we'll go for everything from the first moment and try to score as many goals as possible. The truth is that challenges like the one we have tomorrow make us raise our level, especially after losing on Saturday.

We had 39 unbeaten games in a row, we had to lose some day. Physically we're well prepared. We're moving forward.Tomorrow is an unique opportunity to play a great game and get back to our high standards.

We have no doubts after losing the Clásico. I'm sure we'll win the league. We have a great team and full confidence in ourselves. After the game I was very disappointed, but I saw it again and for more than 60 minutes we were completely in control. After the 1-1 we didn't know how to play and when you don't have things clear the rival takes advantage. We didn't need a wake up call. We know that everything is very difficult.

We have a brutal challenge in front of us, we're trying to win the treble again. We're going for that. It's a great challenge.

Atlético is having a great season. It's the second team is Spain, it's going to be harder than it was Saturday. If we have to have the ball from the first minute, play quick passes, have the fans behind us I think we're close to unstoppable.We're very excited about playing this game tomorrow. I see everyone in the dressing room excited about this.

Our fullbacks give us a lot in attack, they're vital for us, it's true that we take some risks, but it's generally worked out. Personally I feel good, I'm having a good season, I'm happy, enjoying this a lot. What lies ahead excites us a lot.

As culés we tend to be pessimists, but I'd still like to face Madrid in a CL final and I think lots of fans agree with me.

When Cruyff came here in 1988 Barça's challenge was to beat Madrid. Now the tables have turned. That's his legacy.

The CL has a special magic. They say it's going to rain tomorrow, I hope people come and we'll all get wet but it will be worth it. We've already forgotten Saturday's game. What I want is to win the league, the Champions League and the Cup.

It was one game, we lost, we congratulated them (Real Madrid), we move on. This team is able to win everything again.

I didn't do a Periscope after the Clásico because I hadn't planned it. Wouldn't have even if we won. I won't do it tomorrow either.

It's clear that we'll try to sentence the tie from the first leg, have the biggest advantage we can.

I'll say it: Neymar won't leave Barça. I know him. And I know that he won't leave. And that's it. The three forwards are from another world. They have an amazing quality and get along great. They're the best players right now. Ter Stegen isn't leaving either. This is Barça, we have everything. It's the maximum happiness, everyone would stay here."

Luis Enrique: "Of course previous games against Atlético are a reference point. But we're also focusing on what they're doing in recent games.

As professionals we're not as generous neither with praise or critique as you are. If you exaggerate you're making a mistake. No team in the league wouldn't trade places with us. We're the best team in the league so far. We still have to finish it.

The Clásico was a very good game during the first 60 minutes, while facing a team with players almost as good as ours. After conceding the first goal it's true that we made more mistakes.

I have blind faith in my players, blind faith in the path that has lead Barça to winning a lot of titles in recent years. We have a unique and different profile of players. I have a totally reliable team, we're going to compete at the top level. The fans know that with them we're infinitely stronger and they will help us try to win the pass to the semifinals.

Atlético is a top level team. They're very dangerous in a low or medium block, in transitions. It's one of the great teams.

Arda? Would be sad to personalize a defeat in one player. He went on in the worst moment, would have happened to others too.I'm pleased with Arda's performances so far.

MSN? I see all my players in perfect conditions. It had been such a long time that we'd forgotten what losing felt like.

Atléti can play in different ways. They can sit back and you generate few opportunities, they can press high.They have quality.

Not all players adapt at the same pace. Arda is totally adapted, I have no doubts about him. I hope and want all the players to raise their level in the final stretch, we're going to need everyone.

I make subs looking for the best outcome. I do them if they can improve what we have on the pitch already.

The trident? They're not machines, they're the best in the world, but from there to invincible there's a long way to go.

Would I change any decision I made on Saturday? No,but the main reason for that is not agreeing with you. What's done is done. The losses are all on me and I accept them gladly, even if they hurt, that's the job of a coach. Of course I accept the criticism, I'm a coach, from the moment we start the course we're criticized.

Messi can play on the wing, he can play inside. If Simeone was not listening I'd tell you my plans for tomorrow.

For me Leo and the other forwards played well on Saturday, very good 60 minutes with more mistakes after their goal. It seems unfair and out of place to reduce the Clásico to the final result.

Atlético is a great team, that's why they're in the CL qater finals and are the second team in the league. Atlético's absences? Everyone has injuries, I think Godin will make it. Challenges are faced as a team, not individually."

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