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Post Match Comments: Real Sociedad vs FC Barcelona

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Post Match Comments: Real Sociedad vs FC Barcelona

Luis Enrique: "After 32 games, it’s still us who are top of the league."

Luis Enrique: "You need to have more possession against a team that defends like they do. We were poor in the first half. We lacked control and order, and we wanted to sort the game out more with our hearts than with our heads.

Rulli had yet another great day against us. We didn’t deserve to lose, but the result is what we got. And after 32 games, it’s still us who are top of the league.

We have no margin for error, the evidence tells us that. This league will be won by the team that is most emphatic over the last few weekends.

The result is what it is. We are still leader with 4 points ahead. Hay Liga, clearly.

A marvelous chance to show we are the best team in the world. I liked the 2nd half more. We created 3 clear chances. You don't have any exuses - It's a loss."

Andres Iniesta: "The first half we did not create as many chances as in the second. Coming from behind is always tricky. We had chances but we did not take them.

The situation is a little tighter now. We still have our fate in our own hands. The defeat today will not affect the game against Atlético. We have to learn from this game but we should not make too much of it."

Gerard Piqué: We have a distance that we deserve because of what we have done this season. We could allow ourselves mistakes: now we have made them we have no room for more. the goal at the start of the game hurt us a lot and in the first half we did not play well. In the second half we tried to comeback but we couldn’t do it, the keeper played well too.

Now we are thinking about Wednesday’s game: in the Calderón the most important of the three trophies is at stake and we will compete.

We lost three points. Of course nobody likes to lose. Last year at this time we had a very good run, beating everybody.This time we have to deal with a bad run. The team can overcome it.

Arbeloa? A player who has started 1 game in 32 rounds doesn't deserve an answer.I f you're not a protagonist on the pitch don't be one off it."

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