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Post-Match Comments - FC Barcelona vs Villarreal: "I hope our best is yet to come"

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Post-Match Comments - FC Barcelona vs Villarreal: "I hope our best is yet to come"

Luis Enrique praises the team's defensive improvement and the players assure they are ready for the Clásico.

Luis Enrique

"The team is growing and improving in the key aspects of the game, it's evident. I hope our best moment of the season is far away, but that a team such as Villarreal created very few scoring chances has its merit."

"I was lucky enough to play with Ronaldinho. In the training sessions, we just stared at how he played. They are unique and special footballers. Now, we stare at how Neymar plays."

About the trident's good vibes among each other: "They are the most determinant players and it's essential they have a good relationship among them and with the rest of the team. We are always looking for the cohesion of the squad and letting the harmony flow. I'm privileged to have these kinds of unique players who focus on the teamwork."

About Messi's possible return in the Clásico: "He's on the recovery process. There are just two weeks left and we will recover him either before or after the match against Real Madrid."

Neymar Jr.

"We have played great, we have created chances and have done a superb match. I'm happy for the goals."

"We have lost the control of the midfield [in the first half] and we failed several passes. Each time we protested he [the ref Clos Gómez] showed us a yellow card."

Sergio Busquets

"We have done quite a complete match and we have gone from less to more. The three points are always important."

"Villarreal's approach was different, they moved around a lot, they are a very good team with great players."

"This season we have conceded goals from the start, we weren't doing things correctly and we had bad luck. Now we are better and that reflects on the pitch. If we want to compete, it's important to keep a clean sheet. We are in the right dynamic."

"Neymar's goal has been a masterpiece that only cracks like him can score."

"We arrive in the Bernabéu at a good time. We are happy to recover injured players, although some of them won't make it to the Clásico. It will be a match that either of the teams can win."

Gerard Piqué

"Busquets is an essential player and he's one of the cornerstones that have enabled us to win so many titles in the last years. Neymar and Luis Suárez have also been key for achieving the last treble."

"It was a matter of time for us to not concede as much, we knew that we would improve our defense little by little."

"We are very excited about the Clásico. It's a match that all the players enjoy. Although it isn't a key match, we want to win it."

About the Halloween costumes episode: "We didn't know a Getafe player was giving a press conference at that time, we don't have them at the end of the matches. It's true that was disrespectful, but we didn't know. We just wanted to have a good time. Next year we will do it again and we will disguise. We all know Torres [Getafe's president] supports Real Madrid and that he wants to be the Real Madrid president someday, but to leak to the Madrid media images of our locker room, that we didn't leave it like that, it's disrespectful."

Jordi Alba

"We are doing a very good season, but we have room for improvement. We hope to achieve the victory in the Clásico."


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