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Post Match Comments- FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid

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Post Match Comments- FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid

Piqué: "The league title is still looking good for us."

Luis Enrique: "What happened can happen in any football game. Defeat also teaches things. Real Madrid have players who are tough to defend and very effective. In the first half we were far superior and we had more chances, but in the second half they took advantage of their transitions. Today we lost turned over too many easy balls. In the second half they stayed back and looked for the transition, and for most of the game we held them in check.

La Liga? The most consistent team will win. Going 39 games unbeaten means little if you don’t win titles at the end of the season.

Atleti? Our opponents will put on a lot of pressure and will make it tough for us.

You don’t get to choose when you lose. Today we didn’t experience the joy we were hoping for. For me this game is history."

Gerard Piqué: "We weren’t able to control the game despite being a man up. It’s a tough loss to take against our biggest rivals and we have to turn the page. The league title is still looking good for us.

Javier Mascherano: "The score is what it is. Justice doesn’t exist in football. They hurt us in the last 15 to 20 minutes, especially since we had the momentum.There are no givens. To win you have to fight to the end."

Sergio Busquets: "We knew it would be a tough game because Real Madrid are a great team. We weren’t well-positioned at the end. If the league title was still in play before, now it is even more."

Dani Alves: "We didn’t have enough scoring chances. The drew level right away and that threw us off. It always hurts to lose. If we had won we would have practically eliminated them from contention but the league is through consistency throughout the season."

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