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Post-Match Comments: FC Barcelona vs Levante UD

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Post-Match Comments: FC Barcelona vs Levante UD

Luis Enrique: "I am very satisfied with the game and all the resources that we used. We knew that our lineup would play with five midfielders and four on defense, and it may cost us. In such cases, it is important to score early like we did in the second half. It’s always difficult against a team that sits back. In the second half, it gets easier because the opponents get tired."

Luis Enrique: "Bartra? Marc adds a lot. He played very well today; focused, good passing, and of course, the goal. Complete game. It is not his role to score, but he has the quality to do it."

Luis Enrique: "Changing our system? We can do it and we should use it. It makes it less predictable for the opponent, and of course, I choose the players suitable to the system."

Luis Enrique: "Sandro and Munir? I am very happy with their game. They are players for the future and they need the minutes. We’ll need them now so I think they will help us a lot."

Luis Enrique: "Ter Stegen? Another goalkeeper could start doubting himself, but he won’t. He is not losing confidence. He’s not being lucky, but he’s a Barça-style keeper. Even after conceding, he has come out on top."

Luis Enrique: "Missing penalty makes Messi human? Scored twice and gave an assist, still doesn’t seem very human."

Luis Enrique: "We’re playing seven games in 22 days and players have to rest, so we need to rotate and give all players minutes. For the team, it is better to have a good physical level."

Luis Enrique: "Celta? They are one of the most entertaining teams to watch."

Luis Enrique: "Alves is incredible, his physical level has let him play for 90 minutes and there are only a few players who can last that long, it’s a privilege."

Bartra: "My role in the team? I just keep on working hard. With Luis Enrique, you get chances when you deserve them."

Bartra: "What I like is to clear the balls and everything related to defense, but if I scored a goal obviously it is also good."

Bartra: "The most important thing is to help the team. Leo has assisted me a lot, when you receive these passes it is easier. The team needs him, he is the best."

Bartra: "When teams come so close behind you, the more complicated the game becomes. Today I had the luck to open the scoring, but the best and most important was the work of the team and to remain leaders."

Gumbau: "I knew I could come on in case the game went well. I’m very happy with my Liga debut. This is what you hope for, few make it."

Gumbau: "Playing at the Camp Nou is impressive, the stadium is really big. What’s next? I’m a B-team player, but if they need me, I'm delighted. Since I was against Malaga, on the bench, and today I’m very happy with my debut in the First Division."

Gumbau: "It seems impossible that in a year I have debuted with the first team in the league, you think that this will never come. It puts me down to earth."

Gumbau: "Sergio Busquets is a reference for me. Whenever I’m on the bench or at home l copy him."

Gumbau: "In the first part, Levante was close, but the second half we were able to kill the game. The team has shown that, despite the injuries, we can play very well."

Gumbau: "I do not look toward scoring, only to continue working. I want to take advantage of opportunities in the first team."

Ter Stegen: "Will I continue to play the same way? Of course, why should I change? All is fine."

Ter Stegen: "We could have scored more goals, but the end result is very good. I think I have to concentrate more."

Ter Stegen: "On Wednesday we have a tough game. To maintain the level of play is very complicated because we have games every three days and we have to go out very focused."

Ter Stegen: "The atmosphere that exists at the stadium is very good. So far so good, we’re winning everything at home and I hope it continues like this until the end of the season."

Alves: "I wanted to come back as soon as possible, but I also wanted to avoid a relapse. Feels good to be with the group again."

Alves: "We deservedly got the win, but we knew that we should work much more."

Alves: "With all credit to Messi, the quality of the team and him, it’s perfect. Messi is our leader and we want that he is the happiest possible."

Alves: "The system has not changed much in our style of play, beyond some positions. The intent is the same: to have possession of the ball and get it frequently. We have adapted very well and when we reached the first goal they made space."

Alves: "We always think about how well we will go, we are always positive. Hopefully, we'll continue with our competitive level and we know we have to play our best if we want to continue winning. The challenge is big for us and we are ready."

Alves: "I studied Nolito well and Celta because they are electric. Celta are very intense. It’s a good challenge, and I like that in the end we play to the best level. I know how difficult that is and hopefully we can overcome this challenge. I hope the coach lets me play."


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