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Post-Match Comments: FC Barcelona vs Espanyol

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Post-Match Comments: FC Barcelona vs Espanyol

Luis Enrique: "If we have to win the title in the last game, well then we’ll do it in the last game."

Luis Enrique: "Football depends on results. Barça’s fans had fun this year, they saw very good football and plenty of good moments throughout the season. You have to fight every game, and that’s what we did.

La Liga winner? The winner is the best team over 38 games. As of today, there are two teams still in it.

We’re talking about the best league in Europe. It’s a tough league. Maybe the last part didn’t go the way we wanted, but if we have to win the title in the last game, well then we’ll do it in the last game.

I would have liked to see Valencia draw [with Madrid]. Atlético had a great season but now they’re out of it and they still have the Champions League.

Suárez? He is very intelligent. Sometimes relying too much on one player can hurt you, but if the team plays its game then Luis, who is lethal in the area will have plenty of chances to score goals. It’s not just the goals, it’s the way the team plays that lets him score.

Espanyol? We had good rhythm from the start, creating pressure following turnovers. We played a complete game, I’m happy with what we’ve achieved. Now we just have to put it away by beating Granada.

Our defense? We played better as a group, not just up the field but when we were back. We’re defending better on the long ball. We’re steadily improving and I don’t get the feeling that things will be tough for us. Other teams do complicate things. I think the best is yet to come, but also the most difficult. With the number of weeks we’ve been on top and our play, I think we deserve it.

Granada? Away games are always hard because there are things you can’t control. We’re one step away. I hope we’re precise and complete. We’re going to go to Granada to reach our objective. To try and win this league, which has been very competitive."

Ivan Rakitic: "We still control our own destiny. We’re hungry to win both the league and the Copa del Rey.

If we play the way we did today, we have a great shot.

We did hit a rough patch but we’re still confident and our current streak is no accident. Barça will come out with intensity because we’ll be playing for the title."

Sergio Busquets: "Madrid’s victory means we have to win next week to be the champions. We’re going to treat Granada as if they are still fighting to avoid relegation. We can’t slip up and it prepares us for the next game.

We figured out that we weren’t doing things so well but this is football and it involves some luck. Against Valencia we had plenty of chances to draw level or win. It’s in the past now and it all rests on one game.

It’s tough to be fresh at this stage of the season. We had more time to rest and prepare but I’d prefer to still be playing in the Champions League of course.

We have two games left this season. Even though Granada have avoided relegation they’re going to play hard in front of their fans. They’ll want to win. We’ve got plenty of reasons to be motivated to win the title.

Gerard Piqué: "We had some tough times but everything is fixed. Madrid are on a great streak in La Liga and if they’re still fighting for the title it’s because they deserve it.

They’re two different competitions. Madrid will be worried about Deportivo, not the Champions League final.

We only care about winning the league and the Copa del Rey, not who wins the Champions League."

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