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Post-Match Comments: Celta Vigo vs FC Barcelona

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Post-Match Comments: Celta Vigo vs FC Barcelona

Sergio Busquets: “After a result like this, the team feels bad, even though we believe that the outcome is bigger than we deserved. In the first half they were better and more intense, but also the goals came at key moments.”

Sergio Busquets: “We have to move on and learn from mistakes, some of which are being attentive to counter attacks and to be alert. We knew how they play, the coach told us, we saw videos. But it is not so easy, we must learn from mistakes.”

Sergio Busquets: "We can win on Saturday against Las Palmas at the Camp Nou. The league is very long and so far we have won everything. On Saturday, we will win.”

Sergio Busquets: “We can’t blame this on anyone, not the goalkeeper, nor the defense, it is all of our work. We should be closer together.”

Luis Enrique: "I’m not happy losing 4-1, we will evaluate it, not very often this happens and we can see the difficulty of the Champions League and La Liga.”

Luis Enrique: “This game taught us the real difficulty of this league. What decided the game was Celta’s level. They had a real game with very good football. We tried to cause problems, but in one-on-one duels we have suffered a lot. We suffered a lot in the individual duels in the first part. The first goal of Nolito, the second was our error.”

Luis Enrique: “When a team has been better than you, there’s nothing more to add. I would rather win over a rival that plays like Celta, no cheating, they play pure football. I congratulate and encourage them to continue playing well.”

Luis Enrique: “In terms of intensity, we have been good because we’ve had six or seven chances. The problem is that this is costing us.”

Luis Enrique: “I have the substitutes that I have, there is nothing missing. It’s my bench, I am delighted to have it.”

Mascherano: “We know from last season that there are always tough moments. We are partly to blame, but above all Celta played a great game.”

Mascherano: “What is most troubling is that we have been less than the rival, we felt overmatched. It’s an ugly feeling.”

Mascherano: “They surpassed us not only in the result but in the game. That is what most concerns us. They beat us in everything.”

Robert Fernández, (FCB technical secretary): “We have to recognize that Celta has played a very complete game and that our team had no luck. It is better that this happened now & not within 3 or 4 months, now we have time to analyze things calmly. Arda? Hopefully, we can register him, but it’s not up to us. We’re waiting to see what happens.”


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