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Piqué: 'Zidane's league? Let them have their stories, we'll keep adding trophies to our museum'

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Piqué: 'Zidane's league? Let them have their stories, we'll keep adding trophies to our museum'

Piqué talks about the upcoming Copa del Rey final against Sevilla and comments on the league win

Piqué gave a lenghty press conference before the Spanish Cup final vs Sevilla, you can read the full transcript below.

"I expect a very difficult cup final. In the European Super Cup and in the league they generated a lot of problems for us. Sevilla always competes well. They got to two finals. I'm sure they'll play a great game. I don't think an extra game will make Sevilla more tired. In any case, we have to focus on ourselves. If we play the way we know how to we should win the game. We are two teams that have stayed faithful to our style of playing throughout the whole season.

I think the final will be similar to the European Supercup. There we had few trainings, now maybe we have too many.

Gameiro is a very quick player, he scores goals, breaks games and is surrounded by some very talented team-mates.They have got an obsessive manager, who works hard on set pieces and we’ll have to be especially careful with those.

Winning the league makes it a good season. If we win the cup to it would be close to an excellent season. We're at a good level, we've won 15 points out of 15, we won the league, that gives everyone more strength. Winning 6 out of 8 leagues is brutal, it's something this club had never done.

We’ve achieved very high grades this season. Winning La Liga was an exceptional achievement. With the European Super Cup and the Club World Cup as well, if we can add the Copa del Rey then this will have been an excellent season. We are delighted to have won the league. There is no other club that’s able to keep going like we do. And I hope this winning era goes on and on for as long as possible.

Best moment of the season was winning the league. We had a lot of pressure, it was a league we had won before. The worst moment was being knocked out of the CL, we wanted another treble. But you can't have everything in life.

Zidane's league? Let them have their stories, we're adding trophies to our museum every year.

I'd sign winning the double every year. If Madrid win the Champions League we have to congratulate them. Madrid winning the CL won't take any value away from our triumphs, each team has its path and each win has its merits.

Neymar is a young player, he's the present and future of the club. The club has to insure his continuity.

I've been told that I imitated Cristiano during the parade, but I don't recall. It was a great parade and we had fun.

Incident with Burgui? He said it didn't happen. We met some Espanyol players, talked for a while, nothing more.There are serious journalists and others less so. There has to be an analysis of this profession. Nothing happened with Burgui.

I know that now I am where I wanted to be when I said I wasn't one of the best CBs in the world anymore.This is where I want to be.

We have become one of the biggest teams and you get used to winning that way. But we're still excited for every trophy.

We've conceded more goals this season, but defensively our level has been optimum. It's clear that we have to improve.

Being captain? There are things that when they're meant to be, they happen. I'm very happy with my situation in the dressing room.

Bartra? The best play for the NT is Marc. He's very good. He's played well for the NT even if he has few minutes here.

There will be a day when this cycle will end. And then it will be valued a lot. This is what we all have to have very clear. Cycles end in football, no team has won at the rhythm we've been doing it, we hope to be able to extend it as much as possible.

I don't know if there is frustration generated by our hegemony. No one is interested in the same team winning every time.

I'm enjoying my time here like a little kid ever since I came. It's been 8 years and I still have a happy look on my face.

We're fortunate to be the team that is winning more. The difference is the talent and how competitive we are.

Madrid? Both clubs are writing their story and right now we're the ones who get to have more success.

I think it's good that the Spanish national team plays in Barcelona, I'm sure the stadium will be full."

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