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Pep Guardiola applauds the Catalan people

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Pep Guardiola applauds the Catalan people

The Barça legend defends Piqué and shares his thoughts on the happenings in Catalonia.

Briefly after Pep’s Manchester City victory in the Premier League, Guardiola got his opinion out in a press conference on the event that occurred in Catalonia. Guardiola defended the people’s right of freedom of expression and in addition Piqué’s comments on the matter.

Pep said: ”They’ve viciously attacked the citizens just because they wanted to vote, they weren’t robbing any bank… They say we’re part of Spain yet they attack us with violence.”

“If I was there, I quite frankly wouldn’t even played the game.”

He defends Piqué: “Gerard is a brave guy, you may or not agree with him and Carles Puyol but they were brave enough to have their say on the referendum.”

Guardiola ends: ”They say we have attacked the police. With what? with votes? They talk about coexistence, when we’ve manifested ourselves for years without throwing a paper on the ground.”

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