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Neymar: 'We can win another trophy this week, we're motivated'

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Neymar: 'We can win another trophy this week, we're motivated'

The player spoke to a Brazilian outlet ahead of the Spanish Cup final and the Olympic Games

Neymar gave an interview to the program ‘Esporte Espetacular’ at Globo in which he talked about various issues regarding the current moment of the team and his summer plans.

On the Copa del Rey: “We are all motivated. We always want to win titles and now we’re in a new final. We’ve won one title and this week we can win a second one. We’re all happy and motivated to win the Copa del Rey after winning the league.”

On the knockout from the Champions League: “It hurts to not be able to be in the final again, even more so because we know we could have won it. These are things that happen and you have to accept them. I congratulate the two teams that have reached the final. This shows that the Spanish league is very difficult.”

La Liga: “We have to value the league title we won even more. We can’t forget what happened this season and we have to keep this in mind for the following one. Of course we wanted the Champions League. Next season we’ll be fighting for it again.”

His personal performance: “This hasn’t been my best season. I always like to beat my previous statistics, records, to improve every day. I’m proud of the league season we have played, not just my performance, but that of the whole team. I have to congratulate my teammates because the job got difficult and we had to sweat a lot for this title, because it was hard to win. In the end we have had our reward.”

Luis Suárez: “He’s a great player, not just a goalscorer, but also a playmaker. In addition to being a good teammate he is also a great friend. I’m very happy for him. We have to always try to help him in the best way possible so that he gets the Golden Shoe every season. The most important aspect of our success is the union there is in the group. The happiness we feel when we help each other.”

Brazil’s national team and the Olympic Games: “It’s something that I already know and I’ve been aware of it since I was a kid. I know that Brazilians dream about this Olympic medal. I also want it and I will fight for it. I know that the fans have their trust placed on me and I will try to not let them down.”

The Copa América: “I’m not frustrated. How could I be when I’ll be playing a tournament I’ve never won? Of course I was excited about being able to play both competitions, but I respect the decision that was made.”

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