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Neymar Sr: My son doesn’t have a contractual obligation to pay DIS or Teisa

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Neymar Sr: My son doesn’t have a contractual obligation to pay DIS or Teisa

Neymar da Silva, the father of FC Barcelona forward Neymar, has denied causing any sort of harm to the interests of DIS, the company that owned 40% of the player’s federative rights before he was transferred to Barça in 2013. Da Silva released a statement and several documents that sustain the legality of the operation.

According to the player’s father, Santos and the companies DIS and Teisa who owned part of his rights received their corresponding payments for the transfer.

Amongst other documents, Neymar da Silva released an authorization signed in 2011 by Santos which allowed the player to negotiate with other clubs as a “free agent” after 2014, when his contract with the Brazilian club would expire.

That authorization allowed Neymar to sign a contract which stipulated that he would become a FC Barcelona player starting in 2014, in exchange for the €40 million paid to the N&N company owned by his parents seeing as how starting on July 1st 2014 no other entity would own his rights.

But a year before the end of his contract, Santos decided to push the operation forward and sold Neymar to Barcelona for €17.1 million and paid DIS and Santos their corresponding percentages of the transfer fee.

That decision, according to Neymar da Silva, cancelled the agreement the player had with Barcelona, but the Catalan club paid the €40 million to N&N as compensation for breaking the contract.

The father stated that Neymar would have had no problem to stay at Santos until his contract would have expired which would have meant that the Brazilian club would have not received any money for his transfer and that the player would have had to pay DIS 5 million Brazilian reais (approximately €1.4 million), which is approximately a quarter of what they got in 2013 for their share of his rights.

Da Silva also mentioned that Santos has not yet paid Neymar the 10% commission from the transfer fee that, by contract, was rightfully his.

DIS is accusing Neymar of hiding the fact that he received €40 million from Barcelona in order to cheat them out of the money they were entitled to and has filed a complaint against FC Barcelona, Santos, the player and his father for private corruption and fraud in the form of simulated contracts.

Neymar’s father stated that the player “had no contractual obligation” to pay DIS or Teisa seeing as how those companies only had a commercial relationship with Santos and not him.


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Source: Diario As