Manifest Blaugrana was born to promote greater and equal participation by all FC Barcelona members, improve its democratic process and bring fans together to ensure that the club doesn't become just another common football club. They hold ideals similar to Grup 14 and deserve our support.

Official press release by Manifest Blaugrana:

The upcoming elections to the Chair of FC Barcelona should incorporate the creation of voting points throughout every territory where the Club has members. FC Barcelona must promote greater participation in its electoral system and that means providing much easier ways for the members to cast votes.

While waiting for the date of the upcoming elections to the presidency of FC Barcelona, from the Association Manifest Blaugrana we asked the Club to initiate the necessary mechanisms to allow all members in Catalonia to exercise their right to vote. We understand that the timeframes are more than enough as the date has not been set yet but it has already been announced that it will be set by the end of the season.

This measure is provided in Article 11, paragraph 4 of Decree 58/2010 of May 4, about sporting organizations in Catalonia, subsequently amended by Decree 55/2012, of 29 May. FC Barcelona will face the upcoming elections with the historic opportunity to take a step forward in terms of democracy and participation.

The regulation in this regard is clear and concise: "Those entities members outside the municipality where they have their headquarters should provide mechanisms to improve participation." (Unofficial translation). No room for interpretation.

Calling an election in a match day as the Statutes suggest can mitigate the difficulties for members in Catalonia to cast their votes (and of course to a greater extent, those from the rest of the world), but it can’t be an excuse for not complying with applicable law. If this option is not enabled, neither the vote by mail, nor the electronic voting, the fundamental rights of non-resident members in Barcelona are - unfortunately - headless.

Once we have sent this information/application to the Club, it’s in FC Barcelona’s hands to comply with this article of the decree in the most appropriate way and to facilitate to the Club members their right to vote.

Barcelona, April 9th, 2015

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