Javier Mascherano spoke to the press ahead of the second leg of the Champions League semifinal against Bayern Munich. Here are his most important statements:

  • "We'll have to be careful. Many things can happen during the 90 minutes that can put the tie at risk. The best way to make sure that this doesn't happen is to be ourselves. If we just sit back and defend, it will surely go badly for us."
  • "We will attack because that's the only way we know how to play. We've attacked all season, trying to win matches, and that's the philosophy that this team and club have. I think that it will be important to go to the match to win. We have a good advantage from the first leg but if we try to do something else but win, it might not go well."
  • "The final is one of the most important matches anyone can play, just like the semifinal. A great match against world-class players. Everyone dreams of playing these matches as a kid and now I get to live it myself. I try to enjoy it and live it with a lot of intensity because you never know when it will happen again."
  • "I don't know how Bayern will play as far as tactics are concerned, I don't know their plan. What I do expect is a hungry Bayern who is eager to reduce the gap we were able to make at the Camp Nou. We're prepared for the match so that nothing can surprise us."
  • "We know Bayern’s coach very well. We already know what it's like to play at Allianz Arena and how Bayern is when they play there. We know that they will try everything because they play at home and they're Germans. We have an advantage and we'll try to go for the win like we always do."
  • "If we get to the final, we'll be three matches away from winning the treble but, we'll also be three matches away from winning nothing. We have to go match by match."
  • "I’m too much of a ‘Messista’ to compare Leo to his former versions. For me, he'll always be the best. I've never seen a player like him and I'm sure that I never will see a player like him again, that's why I just enjoy him. I get to live close to him and it would almost be a sin to not enjoy him."
  • "I don't like to compare teams from different seasons because the same players aren't here anymore and the coach is different as well. That Barcelona (of the Guardiola era) was spectacular and this Barcelona is trying to become that. We're on the right path and hopefully we can get there. This Barcelona is competitive and has a lot of hunger to achieve things. We're 90 minutes away from achieving one of the objectives we had in the beginning of the season, and we'll fight until the last minute so that no one can take that away from us."
  • "It's good that people are excited, that means we are doing our job on the field. Obviously, in the group, we analyze things in a different way. We know it will be a tough test and to get to Berlin we will have to do everything almost perfectly."

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Source: FC Barcelona