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Luis Suárez Presser- 12/05/2016

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Luis Suárez Presser- 12/05/2016

Luis Suárez: "It's essential that we keep a clean sheet, we know that from midfield up we can mark differences,we've improved in everything.

It's a gesture of great companionship from Leo, Andrés or Ney to give me more chances to score without even talking about it.

Being the league top scorer or Golden Boot doesn't matter if we don't win the league.

I don't believe in the "suitcases of money" given to others, I believe that the Granada players have their own ego. It's not about money, it's about ego. The Granada players will want to win for winning's sake. We want to win for the league.

We can win two titles or lose them both. We're the best team in the world, the pressure exists, but we depend on ourselves.

I'm no one to decide if payments to other teams should be legalized. Each team has its ego and bonuses.

It's hard to say if I'm in my best moment, I don't want to jinx it, the important thing is that the goals that help win the league.

Mentally we have to be strong. We depend on ourselves, we have 93-94 minutes to win a game.

The reaction in the game against Depor reminded us that we were the same team as before and that the league depended on us.

We had 39 games without a loss and then we lost 4 in 5. But the team was united, we proved how strong we are.

Playing every game? The more rhythm a player has the better, the more games the better, I don't think there's anything strange.

I'd love to retire at Barça, it's the club where I've always wanted to play.

All the goals reflect the work of the whole team, not just mine.

Going to the NT affected our performances? 5 days after coming back I scored twice against Atléti.

I'm privileged for playing at Barça and doing it with teammates like Leo and Ney, no one thinks he's better than others. There's a lot of companionship, no one thinks he's superior. You appreciate this a lot.

The last top goalscorer in the league that wasn't Leo or Cristiano was my friend Forlan.This says good things about Uruguayans.

The pitch is a minimal excuse. Last season it provoked an error for Granada for our first goal. I don't think they'll repeat it.

The ego of every player tells him to give his life for the shirt he's wearing. Granada will do that. We will too. It will be impossible for Granada to have more desire and ambition than us on Saturday.

We can win the double, that will be our merit and we have to value it regardless of what happens in the Champions League.

Scoring more goals than Leo? A 9s job is to score goals. Leo will be proud of my goals and of winning the league.

The Ballon D'Or is not primordial for me,I don't hold a grudge and I don't think about whether I'll be there this year or not."

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