Luis Enrique spoke to the press ahead of the second leg of the Champions League semifinal against Bayern Munich. Here are his most important statements:

  • "I think it’s great that Pep said that we have the best counterattack in the world, coming from a coach of his magnitude. We also aren't interested in a mad game, and if it goes that way, we need to calm it down. There will be moments when we can find spaces and use them."
  • "I just want to do what I can for the team and see if we deserve to be in the final."
  • "You can’t be too confident as you have to respect your opponent, so we will need to keep our players calm. We know how big Bayern are so we will try our best not to allow them too many chances. They will have their fans behind them, so we will try to keep possession and create as much as possible up front."
  • "Those up front and those at the back are important. My work is to coordinate and balance both facets. The players know we need all of them to attack and to defend."
  • "It's impossible for the players to be relaxed in a Champions League semifinal. It’s the opposite. Sometimes, the players need to be calmed down. We'll look at how they can hurt us and how to solve that."
  • "Bayern are coming off the back of a tie in which they came back and scored more than enough goals. They’ve done it, so we know it's going to be tough. We'll try and make it like the first leg, in which we created more chances than them. We're coming into this in good shape and we need to try and do the same again."
  • "Scoring one goal doesn't qualify us because it depends on how many they score. We are here to win the game, not just to score once."
  • "I won't have any problems sleeping tonight. I hope the most important night of my career is yet to come."
  • "The forwards meet their goals with the freedom we give them, but they have defensive responsibilities too."
  • "Pep will attack, of course. And in a different way, no doubt. I expect to see Bayern on the offensive. And we will attack too."

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Source: FC Barcelona