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Luis Enrique: "This start of the season already shows how difficult winning the league is."

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Luis Enrique: "This start of the season already shows how difficult winning the league is."

Luis Enrique discusses the game against Deportivo La Coruña and gives an overview on Messi's recovery, Piqué's National Team comments and Aleix Vidal's situation.

Luis Enrique gave an insightful press conference before the game against Deportivo La Coruña, you can read the full transcript below:

Luis Enrique: "We get back to the competition. The opponent has had two weeks to prepare for this game and all these things are circumstances that can influence the game. We have to be careful. Depor play well, concede few goals and will make life difficult for us. It's a good game to test ourselves. It's a different game because we had few days together. That's not an excuse, but it's something that conditions us. In the last years Deportivo had a lot of success at the Camp Nou. We need our fans tomorrow, it's a complicated game. This league start has had the defeat to Alavés and a draw against Atléti at the Camp Nou. This start of the season already shows how difficult winning the league is.

City? There's only one game now, which is against Deportivo. We want to recover points and the only way to do that is to win. Preparing a game in two days is difficult, it would be even more so if we also had a different game on our mind in that time.

I haven't done anything differently this year than the two years before. I talk to the players and make them see that the important thing is the team and the players are intelligent and understand that without any problems.

I don't have much to add about Piqué. He has expressed his feelings very clearly. He's used to everyone having opinions on him. Gerard Piqué can be anything at Barça. He's already a player, which is the most important and entertaining thing. Piqué could be a coach, a president or whatever he wants to be. First because he's a huge Barça fan and second because he is prepared. It's not about whether I understand Piqué or not. He has explained it well. From here to the 2018 World-Cup there are two years. It's a mistake to give a lot of importance to people who give out that type of information, Gerard has explained things well. Piqué hasn't asked me for advice about the national team. I don't know what I could tell him, he's played there more than me.

Is Aleix Vidal ready to play tomorrow? All my available players are ready to play tomorrow. I can understand that you're all interested to know about Vidal, but I won't give any clues to my opponent. I'm very happy with all my players. During my career many players have changed my mind. But that doesn't mean it's easy. It's important to not let point slip at home and away from home.

Is Vidal's situation affecting the dressing room? Anything that can affect my players worries me. In the end a coach's decisions speak for themselves a lot of the time. Telling a story that isn't real isn't my style and I don't do it. There's no coach in the first league that doesn't have a player that gets left out of the matchday squad a lot of the time.

Suárez is available, he hasn't told me anything about being tired. The players that have transoceanic travels have less time to recover, but Suárez is available for tomorrow. Various B team players have helped us this week and there's always a chance that they might be in the squad.

The great news is that we have two players like Messi and Umtiti back. Leo has been training well since Wednesday. After an injury you need minutes. I'll talk to Leo to decide things, but in principle he's available like his teammates. Unfortunately, due to injury we couldn't count on Leo for a few games, but during the season that happens to all teams. To win the league you have to count on the whole squad and get over these difficult moments. Any injury of a player is important, even more so when we're talking about the best player in history. It's a challenge for the team to deal with Leo's injury, we did it last season too. Leo's injury didn't change anything in the dressing room because he's still there every day and takes part in everything.

This whole dressing room mole story starts with a mistake on our part in the game in Germany. We dropped a piece of paper with some tactical aspects on it and that showed up in a newspaper. In all my years as a professional player or coach I have never wasted energy on looking for dressing room leaks. Unfortunately, leaks happen in every team. I know it will keep happening and it's not one of my objectives to stop it. The imagination of some news outlets is remarkable, but I won't continue with this. I've said my peace on this, from here anyone can make their own movie script, some are very good at this."

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