Luis Enrique: 'This squad reinvents itself and is competitive in every training'

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Luis Enrique: 'This squad reinvents itself and is competitive in every training'

The Asturian coach foresees a tough La Liga campaign and is confident on his players' level.

Luis Enrique spoke to the press before the La Liga opener against Betis on Saturday. Here's a recap of what the Barça boss said in his presser:

"We're going into this league the same way we do every season."

"Being champions gives us a conviction that doing things in the same way we could fight for it again."

"The league marks what you do in a season."

"We're starting at home against a Betis with changes in players and ideas. They're going to cause us problems."

"Messi is our best player and he has the freedom to move where there are spaces on the pitch."

"Messi can play on the wing or behind the forwards and that's what helps him get into the game more."

"The movement of a player causes changes that the interiors and fullbacks have to adjust to."

"We've always adjusted to Messi's movements because it's good for us for him to participate in the game a lot."

"What I value the most about all my players, not just Bravo, is their ambition in every training, not just games."

"The new players have had good minutes, their adaptation will show during the season."

"It's difficult to change clubs, cities, teammates. This isn't shown in 90 minutes, I ask for calm from everyone."

"The fast adaptation or integration comes with the help of teammates and in that we have a high level."

"When a new player comes in you have to help him as you'd like to be helped and we've managed to do that."

"The champion is a favorite due to respect, but we all start in the same place."

"The favorites will be the same as usual, the big teams and some surprises."

"We have to wait to see who is more consistent and who is the best during the season."

"There are great teams that haven't won the league in years and they're going to push for it."

"Will this be Bravo's last game? I don't know, you tell me."

"What separates this squad from others is its ability to reinvent itself and be competitive in every training."

"Titles belong in the past. They've given us joy, but we live in the present and the near future."

"We won the Super Cup, but there are titles for which we have to start working on right now."

"Barça's reign in football? It's due to the level of the players and the playing style."

"When you sit down to watch Barça you know what you're going to see, the idea is the same."

"We want to be superior through having the ball, taking advantage of spaces, be spectacular and entertain people."

"I'd like it if it was like last year, but it won't be. Betis have a different coach with a different idea."

"Betis have improved their squad well, they'll cause us problems."

"Every league is difficult because there are a lot of games. I don't usually talk about other clubs."

"Our rivals will be the same as always and they'll be at a very high level."

"Arda hasn't changed anything, he's the same as last season, I see him as being just as necessary."

"I'm happy that things are working out better for Arda, for his sake and the team's."

"It's true that when you've been here longer it's easier, but Arda is at the same level he was before."

"Until Aug 31st, it's normal that there'll be speculation about our transfers.I understand it but it doesn't change what I want."

"I remember facing Poyet as a player, he was great. He's coached in England, has experience and an offensive idea."

"Poyet's idea is based on pressing and treating the ball well. His style fits better in Spain than in England."

"Using Sergi Roberto as a CB? I hope it doesn't come to this, but it's a possibility. I'm sure he'd do well."

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