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Luis Enrique's Presser- 13/05/2016

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Luis Enrique's Presser- 13/05/2016

Luis Enrique: "What I care about and what the players and fans care about is winning the league. The rest is secondary."

Luis Enrique: "Last game of the season. It seemed like a long one during some times, short during others.

We're planning for the last league game just like we did for the previous 37. It will be difficult for sure. We're very exicted about winning this league. Scoring first would be great, but scoring in the first minutes isn't a key.

What I care about and what the players and fans care about is winning the league. The rest is secondary.

I'm sure that in some moments of the game we will suffer, because Granada will attack. We have to be focused.

There's only the final in Granada tomorrow. The rest doesn't exist.

I've had good feelings throughout the season. We have recovered our level in the last games.

We have to focus on ourselves. If we're not able to win then we'll look to see what our rival did.

I have had the feeling that we will have to win everything for weeks now.

Last two pressers before the summer, will I be glad to stop seeing you? (laughs) I think the rest will be good for all parts.

As a coach you don't rest a lot. We've been planning the next season for months. We'll be doing it over the summer too.

From a football point of view we have improved. It's very important to create chances and prevent the opponent from creating.

The league title shows your level throughout the season. This season has shown La Liga is the toughest league in Europe.

As of today I am satisfied with what the team has achieved. But the grades come when the season ends.

Individuals can show up and change the game when the whole team works well.

The pitch? I focus on what I can control, the rest doesn't matter.

These types of games can have excessive tension and you have to relax and control the players so that they don't go off.

I always put my hand in the fire for other professionals that play. After that we'll see if I get burned or not.

Paying other teams to win? I have no comment on that.

I've always seen a united dressing room at Barça. Both in the good times and the bad ones."

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