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Luis Enrique's Press Conference- 22/04/2016

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Luis Enrique's Press Conference- 22/04/2016

Luis Enrique: "La Liga? It's a situation that get's more difficult with each passing week."

Luis Enrique: "La Liga? It's a situation that get's more difficult with each passing week. Some results are fair, some are not but these results are great. We are going to wait and see what happens in the last four games that lie ahead. We are going to see if this past result will reinforce us for the stretch of the season.

Aleix Vidal? I am not going to talk about my decisions. The squad list that we release reflects what I think is best for the team. I am happy with the entire team and I don't have anything to complain about.

Halilovic? It's not something I am going to talk about right now. He started playing this season with Sporting and has areas of improvement. I will repeat, player's that are on loan- we will decide on when the moment arrives.

Leo Messi? Yes Leo took a knock in the last game, he was not lucky but I think he is in perfect condition and he is ready to play.

Do I need to punish Dani Alves? No. The fans supported us always and since I'm here and before as well, the support has been great. I don't have that feeling with regard to Dani Alves, I decide who plays and what is better for the team.

Did the last win bring us confidence? Yes I hope so. In the Valencia match we were better than them but we did not win. I see the team on the right path despite the fact that we blew the lead that we had but we are ready to win the remaining games that we have.

If we look at the last few seasons there has always been surprising in the last 10 or 5 matches of the season. People want to win more and other teams have nothing to lose. The scenario's are completely different between the teams.

Luis Suárez is the most decisive player? Well, after such a great result, I will say it's great play from the entire team- especially the goalkeeper and defenders who helped the attackers to finish. Of course, very few players can score four goals and give three assists- it's fantastic but we are looking at it like team work.

Nou Camp Nou? I think it is fantastic, improving a unique and special stadium and seeing the idea that they have, it looks great. It's going to be a few years till it becomes a reality and they will need the cooperation of the fans and members because we have to keep competing and playing in different conditions. It looks spectacular and I am very happy.

The support of the fans? Yes, the fans are the key in all the games. We need to win the last four remaining games and the ones at the bottom of the table have to win. The fans at the home game will be vital for us.

Iniesta? I think he has been good all season. I haven't seen anything bad- he is just as well has last season. He is a decisive player and makes the decisions on and off the pitch. I think that there are very few players with the intelligence that he has from a footballing perspective- to create spaces, position himself, create favourable situations both on attack and defense, he gives an advantage and he is a unique player.

Fatigue and rotations? All options are on the table.

Nou Camp Nou will effect our revenue on the sporting side? I'm not worried about that at all. Yesterday the president said that this will not effect the sporting side and we have to consider that it is hard to reinforce this team. We have the best players in the world in each position and we know that the members are fine with it. It won't effect anything and I am completely relaxed.

Only four attackers? If I am here 10 more years we can talk about those kind of changes. It depends how the teams play against us, these are my decisions - I am the coach, you may not understand them.

Resting the top players? You guys can analyze this the way you want. I look at the substitutions to see whether they will improve the team. If a player needs rest, I will make the decision and if not- then they will play. If I give players days off, then I can do that too. Maybe we substituted more players last year than this year and some people may not like it.

Bartra should have had more playing time? That doesn't matter because we can't play those games again. The most important thing is that it was obvious he was prepared. His situation is diffcult, he played well the other day besides the goal- the goal does not matter. He played well and created pressure. This puts him in a better situation.

Bartra is an example of how player's should handle themselves? It's not just that. it's what every player should do. The way he handled it, he said he was prepared for any playing time. It's a happy momment for him and he must be prepared for the future. It's good to talk about.

League advantage? I'm not thinking about that. We just need to win the last 4 games.

Neymar's statistics have dropped? No, I still see him at a very good level.

FC Barcelona and Brazil football federation agreement? It was an agreement made by everyone. I've said it before, we want what is best for Neymar and he want's to represent his country. It's the best decision for everyone."

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