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Luis Enrique's Press Conference - 19/04/16

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Luis Enrique's Press Conference - 19/04/16

Luis Enrique: "Of course I'm sure we'll win the league, if I wouldn't be I wouldn't be standing here."

Luis Enrique: "Last two games against Deportivo ended in draws. They have different options of causing problems for us.

Bartra? His situation is less than desirable for any player, but I can only talk wonders about his professionalism. I have full confidence in Bartra, it's worthy of praise that he's never given up hope. He deserves this chance.

It's hard to change negative dynamics, we have to make it so that the negative things generate less consequences.

We need football to win games. I'd like it if tomorrow we'd play like we did against Valencia.

The only thing I can rely on are my players, their attitude and their way of competing.

We have to get the rivals to generate less danger. They score with doing very little, sometimes nothing at all.

Neymar is focused on tomorrow's game. That's the only thing we care about. We'll see about other stuff (Copa, Olympics) later.

I don't care what the rivals do, I care about what we do. We only depend on ourselves. We're in maximum difficulty.

Answer to journo named Malo in the last presser? I have nothing to apologize for, I wasn't disrespectful with anyone. Lots of times journalists have been disrespectful with professionals like me or others. I don't care if you don't like my style.

I understand that you can look for solutions. It's not just one solution, it's about many things all together.

The path includes seeing a team losing 0-2 at HT unjustly and being able to change it a number of times with its football.

The objective is to win the next game. Football is like this, like life itself, you get lots of surprises.

Marc has trained like a starter all season, now he gets his chance, he has to believe in himself.

Lack of substitutes means no rotations for MSN? I have no comment about that.

I have a characteristic from my Gijonese genes, I'm that much of an idiot, I like fighting against this type of adversity.

I don't even want to imagine the party we'll have if we manage to turn this around and win the league.

If anyone needs psychological help we have the best sports psychologist here, so we're good on that front. Relax.

Piqué is one of the leaders of the squad, he won't be on the pitch but he'll support the team from outside.

Of course I'm sure we'll win the league, if I wouldn't be I wouldn't be standing here. The league will be won by the team who was the best in 38 rounds. Not the first 10 or the last 10. We'll see who that is."

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