Luis Enrique spoke to the media following Barcelona’s training session on Monday. With the second-leg against Paris Saint-Germain looming on the horizon, here are the highlights of his interaction with the press.

  • “The difficulty is in the two-leg nature of the game; [PSG] are an opponent coming here with a deficit and they won’t be holding anything back. We’re going to go out and try and win the match, we want to have the ball and we have to be ready if they play against us in a similar way to the first leg, or in a completely different way. We’ll have to evaluate what sort of game it’s going to be. We have to go into the game the same way we go into any game in any competition - with the intent of winning."
  • “We got a very good result (in the first-leg), but not a definitive one. That’s the reality. We have to go out and play another great game to get through the next round. If we start bandying percentages about we can fool ourselves or make mistakes in our preparation for the match.”
  • “We will approach the game as we always do - try to keep the ball, attack the opposition and deal with their pressure.”
  • “I don’t like talking about teams being favorites for a title. We are a possible candidate to go through to the semifinals of the Champions League. Any of the eight teams can win the tournament. Those teams that initially might appear to be softer opponents have shown that’s not the case. We saw what Porto did and Monaco’s game in Turin. Anyone can win it. There are more teams in the competition now with a real chance of winning.”
  • "We know the fans will be here and that’s a big plus for us. We have more chances of winning when they are behind us. They make us stronger and we count on them.”
  • “In football terms Ibrahimovic and Verratti returning doesn’t change anything, what they do is bring up PSG’s quality at the individual level. They are very important players in their roles.”
  • “The objective obviously is to qualify, but it’s always better to win than any other result. You have to work very hard to beat a team like PSG. However, I am not a person who will settle for anything other than a win.”
  • “We're feeling positive about this game. We know very well who we are up against. We lost against PSG early on this season but we improved all aspects from that game. So I think there is more positive than negative things to say going into this game.”
  • “We all know Ibrahimovic. He is a player who gives you something different in attack, he’s able to hit shots first time with any part of his body, he brings other player in and he is one of the best center forwards in the world. He will be motivated to do well against his former club.”
  • “Leo is in the best form possible going into the game and 400 goals is an impossible number. These figures are unique and unrepeatable.”
  • “I’m focused on tomorrow’s game. Everything else [future at the club] will be sorted out in its own time and there’s no need to be worried about anything other than the game. We’ll take a look at the season when it’s over.”
  • “Verratti is a quality player - good enough to play in any team.”
  • “Andrés Iniesta is available and has completed the whole training session. Jérémy Mathieu is also available. He has a muscle strain but he will be ready.”
  • “The press had doubts about Suárez because he wasn’t scoring many goals early on. But he’s adapted since the start. He has helped us in important phases of the games, not just by scoring. We can only speak in the highest terms of his thought process and willingness from the get-go. The uncertainty you have when you sign a player is just that, even if he is world-class. You have to get used to a team, your teammates, the city. It can be difficult. His adaptation has been meteoric.”

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