The most important statements from Luis Enrique's press conference ahead of the Almería game were the following:

  • "I've never seen a team play all of the 38 games during the season exactly the same way. We would all love to play well and win every game by a landslide, but that is impossible, it is utopic. And the day that happens football would be very sad and boring. Being able to win under different circumstances is a part of the normal evolution of a season."
  • "I don't think that we should judge Mathieu for the two goals he has scored in these last two games and say that because of these goal his signing paid off. We've always said he was a good signing. This season there have been some great decisions made by the Technical Directors and we have very good players. The level of almost every player that was signed has been very good."
  • "The situation we are in now is the one we wanted to be in at the start of the season: fighting for every title. But we are realistic and know that at the end of the season only the winners are smiling. So we will work in order to win them, which is the truly difficult part."
  • "Sergi Barjuán (Almería's new coach) is a friend of mine and I talk to him often. I'm glad that he has this opportunity and I hope he takes advantage of it... starting on Thursday. I don't know how much he will be able to change the way they have been playing until now because he only has one training session before the game. It's hard to make noticeable changes in six or seven months, not just one training. But sometimes changing the coach stimulates the players and that could be dangerous for us. We will play as serious as we always do."
  • "I'm not worried about Neymar. He's is an outstanding player. Seeing how he trains I'm sure that he will get back to scoring soon. He still offers us things that are important even without scoring. I didn't see any wrong gestures from him during the Celta game and what I talk to any one of my players is between me and that player, I won't make it public."
  • "I haven't met with anyone to discuss the planning for next season. I'm focused on the competition and finishing this season as best as possible, because I think that is what worries every Barça fan the most."
  • "Keeping 15 clean sheets in the league is something that I like and that we can improve. It speaks well not only of the defense, but of the whole team. We need everyone to defend."
  • "Xavi is important in every month of the year. There were speculations last summer about him leaving and in the end he decided to stay and it was a wonderful decision for us. He will decide his future this year too. He is the player with most games played in the blaugrana shirt. He accepted the fact that this was going to be a special season for him, one in which he would help us not only on the pitch but off it too and he has done that a lot. It's nicer for him to help us by playing but when he doesn't play he is very close to his teammates and that's very important for us."
  • "We have a very busy month ahead of us and we will attempt to solve every game with the wonderful squad I have at my disposal. Since the start of the season I've seen them at a great physical level, that hasn't changed. In the league we have to manage to get more points than the team in second place and we'll start that tomorrow. We are in a priviledged position, but this wheel has turned 2 times already. Being on top now doesn't mean you will end the season on top."
  • "You don't know the atmosphere inside the dressing room. There is no team more united than we are in achieving the goal we have set out for ourselves. I can't control what happens outside of the dressing room and I don't care about it."
  • "The game against Almería is vital and I will need 11 great players to lineup at the start of it. Fortunately I have more than 11."
  • "I didn't ask Busquets to get a yellow card to be suspended for this game. I was telling him to be careful with the cards. It depends on how you interpret the images you see."
  • "I never risk the health of my players. We know exactly how everyone is feeling and how much they have played. I can assure every culé and Barça socí that I take very good care of the players."
  • "I hope Barça B doesn't descend to the third division, but that wouldn't endanger the FC Barcelona model."
  • "I am more than happy with Iniesta's contribution, although I expect every player to improve all the time. Andrés is giving us plenty in important phases of the game. It's an honor to enjoy him."

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