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Luis Enrique: Messi’s goal was from another galaxy

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Luis Enrique: Messi’s goal was from another galaxy

With the joy of this season’s second title still at its peak, Luis Enrique talked about what it feels to have accomplished such a feat:

“We have two titles already. Now we want the third one. It’s a great feeling when you have the chance to make so many people happy. We are going to try to fulfill the objective and thus make history again.”

“The treble is at our grasp, it’s the second time the club can achieve it and that’s something remarkable. It’s going to be difficult but we are going to try.”

“It has been a special match and we have watched a good Barça from the kickoff. Tonight, everything has been important. The defense and attacking intensity, our resoluteness, the team’s hope and Leo Messi. We have been committed, complete and we have overcome an always dangerous Athletic.”

“We are lucky to have a squad and a technical staff with this dream. They enjoy what they do and they enjoy being Barça players.”

“It’s very hard to stop Lionel Messi. He does what he does because he’s the best player in the world. And when he’s surrounded by great teammates it’s a privilege to watch him. I want to get home and see the magnitude of his first goal.”

“We are used to Leo because we have the fortune to enjoy him everyday at trainings. He dribbled three players, got to the area at max speed and he scored a goal from another galaxy.”

“I’m happy for Xavi because he can say goodbye with titles and a very good season. I would have loved it if Puyol and Valdés could have left with titles, too.”

“I give our supporters a 10 and, despite being outnumbered, they have helped us a lot.”

“Athletic has proven worthy of a title. But in the last years they have had the misfortune of facing a Barcelona side at a very high level.”

“My happiness is not measured by the titles I win. I’m kind of strange in that sense, but that’s the way I am. I like the fact the team gave another joy to the fans and had come closer to history.”

“Iniesta sensed some discomfort, little things different than usual. We have to wait what the doctors say about him.”

“If I were an Athletic player I would have reacted the same to Neymar’s action, or perhaps worse. In Spain it is badly looked upon, in Brazil there is another context, and it is more normal. But it’s easy to understand why they reacted as they did given that they were losing.”


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