Luis Enrique talked to the press ahead of the league game against Cordoba this Saturday. You can read the highlights below:

  • "Córdoba are in a difficult situation. I don't know if tomorrow will be easier or more difficult for us. We're playing away from home against a team that will want to complicate things for us. We'll go about the match as we always do; not thinking about the league position of the opponent. The obligations placed on everyone are big ones because there are only four games left. These are key points in terms of the championship."
  • "If we had to wait to win 6-0 to gain confidence we're doing something wrong. The team has shown from the start of the season that it is a reliable team. I'm optimistic, obviously."
  • "There is a league title in play. The players know this. I've seen it in trainings. It's taken many months to get to this stage.I hope that the team gives the same intensity it has done all season. There's no doubt that we can show it. We'll see later on whether we can be better or worse."
  • "Saying that what we've done is good enough would be like a marathon runner reaching the 40-kilometer mark with a great time and then stops running. We musn't do that. Until we reach the goal and achieve our objectives, we cannot say anything. The objective of Barcelona is to win titles and we have not reached that yet. We have the option, and we will see if we are capable."
  • "I'm not here to talk about what our rivals might or might not do. We're concentrating on picking up points. If we win all of our games, it doesn't matter what anybody else does. Obviously I'd prefer if those behind us, in this case Madrid, drop points."
  • "I'm aware of everybody's personal situations but we have to focus on the team and reaching our objectives. At the end of the season we'll look at the situation with each player. Pedro is a top player and he's always helped us on the pitch and off it."
  • "Córdoba have little room for maneuver to stay in the top flight, that’s what the table says, but I’m sure they’ll cause us problems. They are in big trouble and that can have a liberating effect. I am convinced it will be tough. The players know that when the referee blows the whistle, both sides are in the same position, no credit in the bank."
  • "It’s a different year because of the size of the project and we’re waiting to see what our final marks are. We’re in the decisive straight. Everybody has something to play for, something to fight for."
  • "I don’t think we’ve gone from being bad to being good. There have been favorable games, some not so much. We’ve played well, we’ve played poorly, and we’ve been average... it's normal over the course of a season."
  • "I’d have preferred to have won the league 15 games ago. It's not an advantage not to know the Liga champion yet, but it’s not a disadvantage either."
  • "We’ve known Dani Alves for many years. His conduct this season has been excellent, on and off the field."
  • "I’m not going to say anything regarding rotations, you’ll find out when you see the team sheets. I’ll do what’s best for the team."
  • "Luis [Suárez] had made some mistakes on the pitch in the past, like we all have, but this season he has show self-control and he's doing great on and off the pitch. We hope he keeps this up."

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Source: Fc Barcelona