Luis Enrique spoke to the press ahead of tomorrow's game against Real Sociedad at the Camp Nou. Here are his main statements:

  • "I feel that if we want to win the league title, all three points are imperative from the Real Sociedad game. The most important thing is to focus on the game tomorrow, La Real is one of the few teams that have defeated us."
  • "I have no negative memories from the loss at Anoeta. It was a defeat, no more, no less. Losing games is due course as part of the season."
  • "After a game such as Wednesday’s, the next game could be dangerous. But I feel with the title within our grasp and the situation being in our hands, we need to be aware of this and get the fans on our side. This is a key game in securing the league title. The players are aware of its importance. There won't be any relaxation."
  • "If a team doesn’t enthusiastically celebrate goals in the semifinal of the Champions League when would they? The important thing is how the substitutes celebrate, that’s a more reflective yardstick as they are the players who play less."
  • "We know that both the excess of confidence and the lack of appropriate attitude don't help a team."
  • "I’m aware of the distance and speed that the players are generating and they are certainly positive. We have physical and technical data that show that the team is superior to its rival in games. I'm focused on maintaining this."
  • "It’s just another birthday. I’m pleased that things are going well, but there are important things just apart from work that make a birthday happy or not. I’ll celebrate with the family later."
  • "The best present the players have given me? Their professionalism. The titles will be a present for everyone."
  • "This is one of the sweetest moments of the season, but it's still complicated to get to our objective: to win everything. Now there is euphoria all around. This is always an extreme environment; it's either very hot or the North Pole. As professional we have to be level-headed."
  • "Madrid is doing the same as ourselves. It’s an added stimulus for us. It’s one of the tightest league run-ins and both teams are winning."
  • "Bravo being close to winning the Zamora trophy? If the group achieves its objective the individual awards will come too."
  • "We have five games left. Five finals left. If we're better than Bayern there will be six. You'll see if I decide to make more rotations. We've needed everyone in the squad to get this far."
  • "I hope the league finishes when it is supposed to finish. It’s important that both sides resolve this situation via dialogue and overcome the conflict that exists."

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Source: FC Barcelona