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Lucho and Iniesta talk Barcelona's U.S. Tour

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Lucho and Iniesta talk Barcelona's U.S. Tour

Upon the team’s arrival in Los Angeles, FC Barcelona’s coach Luis Enrique and first captain Andrés Iniesta held a press conference about the US tour and the new season.

The coach said that he is not a fan of these kind of summer tours: “I’d prefer not to go on tour, honestly. It’s great to come here, but there are things that make it uncomfortable, like jet-lag, for example. But the club has commitments and it’s an interesting competition. They could do the same in Europe, but we have to accept it.”

About the fact that the players who took part in the Copa America will only join the team upon their return to Barcelona, Luis Enrique was very clear: “The players need their holidays and we’re not going to change those commitments because of a tour. Everyone wants to see the great players, but they need to rest, it’s key. It’s normal that they want to be up close to Messi, Mascherano, Neymar, Alves, Bravo, etc… but their recovery is first and foremost.”

He also ruled out a loan for Aleix Vidal or Arda Turan: “The two players we’ve signed know the deal. We’re expecting a lot from both of them in January. We wanted them to come train with us so they can understand the dynamics of the team. We’re not considering sending either out on loan.”

Luis Enrique concluded by stating his objectives for the next season: “My objective is to win three more titles before Christmas and do what no one else has done in history. We want to win everything all over again.”

Asked if he missed Xavi after all these years they spent together, Andrés Iniesta said: “We are going to try to prepare ourselves well for what lies ahead, which is close and very important. After so much time with Xavi, now everything is different, not just for me, but for the group. He is a person who is loved by everyone. I hope that everything goes very well for him in this new stage of his career.”

About last season, the captain said that it “was almost unsurpassable, but we have the challenge of wanting to do things well to achieve our objectives. It was an exciting and beautiful campaign.”

Iniesta also spoke about the elections last Saturday and their result: “It was a nice day for the club. From the first hour the people went to vote and Bartomeu was elected as president. I hope that he has the same luck as [during] this past year.”

About his former teammate Gio Dos Santos, the Spaniard said: “I know him, having shared a dressing room with him, and I am glad that he has secured such a good contract in the MLS.”

When asked about possibly joining an MLS team after his contract with Barça ends in 2018, Iniesta said: “In 2018 I will be 34. I am only thinking about the present, I am excited at being able to continue winning titles. I do not look at the future beyond this season.”


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