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Lucas Digne: ‘It’s a pleasure to play for Barcelona'

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Lucas Digne: ‘It’s a pleasure to play for Barcelona'

The Frenchman reveals in this interview with Mundo Deportivo that he hasn't fully adapted yet

Lucas Digne has been one of the pleasant surprises of this season given his solid performances when he has had to cover the left back position during Jordi Alba’s downtime. The Frenchman spoke to Mundo Deportivo about his recent playing opportunities and his adaptation to Barça’s game style.

After Jordi Alba’s injury you’re having more playing time, are you satisfy with your performance?

Yes, I’m pleased with having playing minutes and being able to help the team, yet the most important thing is not the individual performance but that the team can win the matches.

Is it complicated for a new player to replace someone who has been a regular starter in the last seasons?

It is what it is, to me is very important to join a squad in which there are great players such as Alba and the others. To be able to play in this team is simply a pleasure.

An important match against Manchester City is coming up next and Barça is going to face it with a lot of absences, does this mean more pressure or responsibility for the non-regular starters?

It’s important for the team to perform well and we are proving we win because of our collective strength and despite of the absentees we are achieving the victories.

Umtiti is one of the breakthrough players of the season, have you been surprised by this or did you expect such immediate impact?

I know him very well, from a long time ago, given that we have shared locker rooms in minor categories of France’s national team. I’m not surprised at all, he has a linear evolution and he’s always improving. He’s a hard-working player and therefore I wish him the best.

You really struggled to beat Granada, what’s Barça actual level when facing Manchester City?

We’re fine, the sensations are good. At the end against Granada, we achieved the victory, kept a winning streak and all we have to do is to continue on that path.

A few months has passed since your arrival, are you fully adapted to Barça’s discipline?

No, not yet. I’m not 100% adapted yet. That’s something you work for everyday, I try to learn every detail and keep improving, among other things I have to learn how to speak better Spanish, which is also very important for my adaptation.

Besides the language, what are you missing in order to be fully adapted?

There are a lot of things; they’re the day-to-day details that we are working on. I still have to learn well about all the automatisms but I’m working on it.

A left back that arrives from another club and league, does he enjoy more with Barça’s offensive style or does he struggle more than what it looks like?

A lot of people only focus on the offensive aspect and they think we spend the whole day attacking, but you also have to work a lot in defense, many times facing adverse situations like an one-on-one. Although people tend to talk more about the offense, there’s also a great deal of work on the defensive side and the pressure we execute.

Is it surprising for someone who just arrived to the club the controversies with La Liga’s president or that Neymar is called a provoker?

I barely pay any attention to those kind of things but I come from Italy and many of these sort of things happen there as well, therefore I’m not surprised by anything.

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