Seung Ho Paik and Seung Woo Lee have experienced a good week in the middle of their ongoing ordeal of being banned by FIFA from playing in official games or friendlies: they were able to train with Barça B. Jordi Vinyals, who knows them from his time at Juvenil A, was very pleased to have them when the club suggested the idea due to Juvenil A's participation in the MIC tournament and Juvenil B being at a tounament in San Sebastian.

During his press conference today, Vinyals spoke of the 2 players: "They are in the final part of their ban. I've seen them doing well, just like when they were working with me at Juvenil A. The kids are eager to play and they like this team and this club a lot". The coach added that he maintains hope that "the ban will be lifted by FIFA and they could play as soon as possible. The club suffers, but the kids are the ones who suffer the most and it seems as if no one is taking this into account".

Paik has already turned 18, but he cannot be registered by FC Barcelona until the club's ban on such activities ends. Lee will turn 18 next January. Right now the support from the club and from their families is what keeps them going. Paik's mother doesn't miss any of his trainings and Lee's family has moved to Barcelona to be with him.

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