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Laporta presents Éric Abidal as his sports director

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Laporta presents Éric Abidal as his sports director

The Barcelona legend is part of the pre-candidates challenge

Joan Laporta presented the board and support staff that would join him in his second spell if he wins the future presidential elections. The biggest novelty was the announcement that Éric Abidal would be the club’s Sporting Manager.

“He’s one of our heros for everything he won and because he has an energy that transmits to everyone on this campaign,” said Laporta.

“I’m very thrilled with our project. Barça is more than a club, it’s my club and I always said I wanted to come back here when I retire. I know Jan [Joan Laporta] very well and I trust him deeply and he trusts me. We look into each other’s eyes when we talk and we don’t hide anything,” said the Frenchman.

Abidal wants La Masia “to produce players like Andrés Iniesta, Messi and Xavi again and that Barça, who belongs to the members, shares this project which means present and future with me.”

The former FC Barcelona president between 2003 and 2010 was joined on his pre-candidacy presentation by his managing board and by several retired players and technicians such as Abidal, Ludovic Giuly, Roger Grimau, José Ramón Alexanco, Audie Norries, Jordi Masip and Roger Esteller, to whom Laporta thanked his presence by his side.

Laporta remarked the sporting aspect that “Cruyff’s or Begiristain’s philosophy that has made us great continues with Luis Enrique.” And he mentioned once more the pillars of his program: “To me Barcelona is more than a club and it’s based on Cruyff, La Masia, Catalunya and Unicef. Those are the pillars of our proposal.”


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