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Iniesta: ‘Without Messi we have to step up to keep winning and improving’

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Iniesta: ‘Without Messi we have to step up to keep winning and improving’

The Spaniard midfielder talked about the currents events at Can Barça during the presentation of his book

Andrés Iniesta has presented this past Thursday his book “La jugada de mi vida” (“The play of my life”), a publication he has written alongside the journalists Ramón Besa and Marcos López. During the event he commented about the draw vs Atlético de Madrid: “It wasn’t the outcome we wanted but it is what it is. Our match was very complete and we deserved the three points. The team continues to perform well. We hope that our injured teammates could return as soon as possible. We have to continue on the same path we have, which is the correct one.”

The Barça captain also said: “We all wish that Messi were with us because the team is stronger with him playing. Without Messi we have to step up even more to keep on winning and improving. At the end, titles are won by the squad. We wish him [Messi] a total and speedy recovery”.

Iniesta stated: “I’m enjoying playing football more than ever. And I hope this season to be as good as the previous ones”. The Manchego player has shown delight about Sergio Busquets’ renewal until 2021: “He’s essential for us. He’s an indispensable player and with the time come he will be even more”, he added.

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