In an interview with SportBild, Andrés Iniesta has analyzed the upcoming Champions League semifinal between Barça and Bayern and said that “against a team coached by [Josep] Guardiola there is no perfect result in the first game because with Pep nothing is impossible.”

“Our own performance will be decisive, we have to give the maximum possible in both games, otherwise the possibilities for reaching the final will be diminished,” Iniesta added.

Asked whether he still talks to Pep Guardiola since the coach left FC Barcelona in 2012, Andrés said: “No. And it isn’t necessary either, he doesn’t need me, he has plenty of good players (laughs). But I’m sure that from time to time he thinks of me.”

Iniesta confirmed what Ivan Rakitic had noted in a previous interview that “Guardiola is very present at Barça.” Iniesta said, “It’s true and it’s normal. Guardiola gave a lot of things to Barça and it will never be forgotten. Pep identifies himself 100 percent with his work and he is always available to his players. During the years we spent together we forged a friendship. I don’t know if he will coach Barça again. What I do know is that we can do great things this season. Everything else will be determined in time.”

Iniesta also noted that “We can’t compare this Bayern to the one from the 2012-2013 Champions League semifinals. The team has changed and Pep is [Bayern’s] coach now. But one thing has stayed the same: they are still one of the best teams in the world. Are we looking for vengeance? That word doesn’t work for me. Sometimes things work out perfectly, other times nothing works. Just like it happened to us back in 2013. If we make it to the final I don’t care who we will play against. The important thing will be winning the trophy.”

Spain’s hero from the 2010 World Cup added: “We are fully focused on our objectives. There are a few games left and any error can decide if you succeed or fail. And we want to succeed.”

Asked about Marc-André ter Stegen and his evolutions at Barça, Iniesta said: “Marc is a great guy. He is young, but very developed in every aspect of the game. We are very satisfied with him. We are lucky that both him and Claudio Bravo are a guarantee for us between the sticks.”

About his former teammate Thiago, Iniesta noted “I’m very happy that he is back playing after his long absence. He was unlucky and to return like he has done shows the class that he has.”

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Source: SportBild